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September 24, 2016

Indian Polity Quiz for Competitive Exams

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  • What is meant when the Constitution declares India a Secular State ?
    • The state regards religion as a private affairs of the citizen and does not discriminate on this basis
  • The members of  the Legislative Assembly are ?
    • Directly elected by the people 
  • Money Bills originate in thee State Legislative Assembly on the recommendation of ?
    • The Governor
  • What is the chief source of political power in India ?
    • The Constitution 
  • A court enforces enjoyment of a Fundamental Right by issuing ?
    • A writ
  • What is the term of a Member of the Rajya Sabha ?
    • Six years
  • "The Federal System with Strong Centre" has been borrowed by the Indian Constitution from ?
    • Canada
  • The Vice-President is the ex-officio Chairman of the ?
    • Rajya Sabha
  • According to the Indian Constitution, the Ministers shall hold office during the pleasure of the ?
    • President of India
  • The Chief Minister is appointed by ?
    • The Governor
  • How many types of emergencies are envisaged by the Constitution ?
    • 3
  • What is the maximum age limit prescribed for the post of the President of India ?
    • There is no maximum age limit
  • What is quorum required for convening the Lok Sabha ?
    • 1/10
  • In the Parliamentary form of Government, "He is the first among equal". Who is he ?
    • Prime Minister
  • The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee in the Indian Parliament is ?
    • The Leader of Opposition Party
  • What should be the gap between first No Confidence motion and second No Confidence motion ?
    • 6 months
  • When were the Fundamental Duties of the Indian citizens incorporated in the constitution ?
    • 1976
  • The constitution of India assures economic justice to citizens through ?
    • Preamble
  • A law made by the Judiciary is known as ?
    • Case law
  • The Chairman of the Finance Commission must be ? 
    • An Expert from Judiciary-level of High Court Judge
  • The First Election Commissioner of India was ?
    • Sukumar Sen
  • Which three year period was observed as a 'Plan holiday' in the country ?
    • 1966-69
  • In which year was the House of the People named as Lok Sabha ?
    • 1954
  • The tenure of office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is ?
    • 6 years
  • Nomination of Rajya Sabha Members by the President was taken from the Constitution of ?
    • Ireland
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