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June 02, 2016

Important Idioms for Competitive Exams : Idioms with Clothes

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Dear friends, till yesterday we have learnt different important idioms related to several words in alphabetical order. From today we shall learn Idioms related to specific area / topic. Today's idioms are based on clothes.

Idioms with Clothes

  • Those two men are hand in glove with each other (closely associated)
  • She is dressed up to the nines (overdressed, too elaborately dressed)
  • You will have to pull your socks up if you want to pass the examination (make greater effort)
  • The children love dressing up (wearing fancy dresses)
  • It is foolish to wash your dirty linen in pubic (air private grievances openly)
  • She looks serious but she is laughing up her sleeve (laughing secretly)
  • This man is very difficult; you must handle him with kid gloves (treat him very tactfully)
  • This politician is a turncoat (someone who changes his opinions and deserts his principles
  • She told me a good joke and I capped it with a better one (improved upon it)
  • He is tied to his mother's apron strings (too depended on his mother)
  • You are talking through your hat (talking nonsense
  • My sister is a terrible bluestocking (a clever learned woman - used in a derogatory sense
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