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May 31, 2016

Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams - Set 6

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Dear friends, Here is the Sixth set of Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams. You can read the Set 1 from hereSet 2 from here  , Set 3 from here , Set 4 from here and the Set 5 from here. Happy Reading :)

Idioms related to See

  • I shall see about it later on (do it later - Polite refusal to act immediately)
  • My wife saw me off at the airport (saw my departure
  • These people want to see over the house (visit and examine)
  • I can see through your flattery (I am not deceived by)
  • Will you see to the dinner ? (attend to, make arrangements for
  • Please see to it that the potatoes are properly cooked (make sure that

Idioms related to Set

  • The court set aside the decree (annulled)
    • decree meaning - declare invalid (an official agreement, decision, or result)
    • annulled meaning - declare invalid (an official agreement, decision, or result)
  • He soon set about organizing the school (began)
  • I think the rain has set in for the day (become established)
  • He set his dogs on the burglar (encouraged them to attack)
  • I am setting off for New York tomorrow (beginning a journey to)
  • Now set to work and build the house (begin)
  • His father set him up in a business of his own (established)

Idioms related to Speak

  • His behaviour at school speaks well for him (puts him in a favourable light)
  • His brother is an art collector, but he himself has no paintings to speak of (worth mentioning
  • Don't be afraid to speak out (speak freely
  • Speak up! I can't hear you (speak more loudly

Idioms related to Stand

  • They were loyal and always stood by each other (supported
  • Ltd. stands for 'limited' (represents)
  • My uncle is standing for Parliament (is a candidate for election
  • Don't be victims of tyranny. Stand up for your rights (maintain, defend)
    • tyranny meaning - a situation in which someone controls how you are able to live, in an unfair way
  • The boxer stood up to his opponent splendidly (faced, resisted)
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