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May 16, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 16th May 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated May 16th 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : There were no editorials in the Hindu on 17th May 2016. 

Topic 1 : "Left, Right, Left ?"
  • Emerging - starting to exist
  • Polarised - to divide into two completely opposing groups
  • Unpredictable - likely to change suddenly and without reason
  • Outcome - result
  • Alliance - a union or association formed for mutual benefit
  • Alter - change
  • Sympathiser - a person who supports a political organization or believes in a set of ideas
  • Scaling up - to increase the size
  • Purports - to pretend to be something, especially in a way that is not easy to believe
  • Upwardly mobile - moving to a higher social class (by becoming richer)
  • Fragmented - consisting of several separate parts
  • Coalition - the joining together of different political parties or groups for a particular purpose (for a limited time)
  • Constituency - a group of voters in a specified area who elect a representative to a legislative body
  • Marginalisation - to treat someone or something as if they are not important
  • Assimilate - to become part of a group
  • Churning - move very forcefully or energeticaly
  • Consequence - a result or effect
  • Faction - a group within a larger group, especially one with slightly different ideas from the main group
  • Cohabit - coexist / live together
  • Replicating - to make an exact copy of something / reproducing
  • Wooing - seeking the favour / support
  • Rivalry - competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field
  • Mired - to be involved in a difficult situation, especially for a long period of time
  • Scandal - an action regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage
  • Incumbency - the period during which someone has a particular official position
  • Exacerbated - to make something that is already bad even worse
  • Debacle - a complete failure (especially because of bad planning and organization)
  • Desperately - extremely or very much
  • Stranglehold - a position of complete control that prevents something from developing
  • Swing - change / move
  • Determine - cause (something) to occur in a particular
  • Alter - change
  • Revolving-door pattern - repeating pattern (one after another)
  • Yielding - to give up the control of or responsibility

Topic 2 : "A new strongman in the Philippines"
  • Presumptive -  to believe based on the information that you have
  • Divisive - tending to cause disagreement between people
  • Contempt - a strong feeling of disliking and having no respect for someone or something
  • Revived - restored / to bring something back to life
  • Brutal - unpleasant or harsh
  • Dictatorship - government by a leader who has complete power in a country and has not been elected by the people
  • Uncertainty - a situation in which something is not known
  • Elite - the richest, most powerful group in a society
  • Partly - to some extent; not completely
  • Triumph - a great victory or achievement
  • Hailed - called / praised
  • Reforms - changes
  • Trickled down - used to refer to a situation in which something that starts in the high parts of a system spreads to the whole of the system
  • Persistent - lasting for a long time / difficult to get rid of
  • Era - a period of time of which particular events or stages of development are typical
  • Ossified - fixed (unable to change)
  • Oligarchy - government by a small group of powerful people
  • Dynasties - a series of rulers or leaders who are all from the same family
  • Pulling the strings - to be in control of an organization
  • Crackdown - a series of serious measures to restrict undesirable or illegal people or behaviour
  • Populism - political ideas and activities that are intended to get the support of ordinary people by giving them what they want
  • Showmanship - the ability to do things in a way that attracts attention
  • Enormous - very large in size / quantity
  • Dictatorial - a ruler with total power
  • Rebellion - violent action organized by a group of people who are trying to change the political system in their country
  • Reforms - improvements
  • Antagonised - to make someone dislike you or feel opposed to you
  • Tread - to move in a specified way
  • Impeachment - to make a public official guilty of a serious offence in connection with their job
  • Geopolitically - political activity as influenced by the physical features of a country or area of the world
  • Brash - showing too much confidence and too little respect
  • Allies - countries that has agreed officially to give help and support to another one
  • Equanimity - calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation
  • Grapple - to fight, especially in order to win something
  • Toned down - to make something less forceful or offensive
  • Rhetoric - speech or writing intended to be effective and influence people
  • Conciliatory - intended to show that you care about the feelings or opinions of someone who is angry or upset with you

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