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March 21, 2016

Today's ESIC Online Exam Review

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Hello guyz,

Today overview for ESIC exam which I gave in first shift.

General Awareness - easy
Mainly questions came from - polity like articles,  president, monuments place,  who built, kingdoms, 
Some questions from when is World science day, national park,  who governs Chandigarh, who made qutub minor,  like....

General Intelligence
Don't know how but menstruation questions asked in this section and about 6-7 ques was from mensuration. Then one equation given where we have to replace two sign to make it equal lhs=rhs...example

Which two symbols will replace to make equals to 3? About 7 question.
Then some questions on decision making..
One arrangement on 2 parallel lines.
Some questions on images like we were doing in childhood.. Find the uncommon image in these images... Then some questions on find odd one..

In numerical ability

5 on di

6 ques on number series

4-5 ques from profit and loss
2-3 ques from Ci and si
2-3 time and work
2-3 time and distance
2 ques from average
1 ques percentage
3 ques separately from boats and streams
4 ques from simplifications
2 ques from unit digit
1 ques to find the prime factor...

English language
6-8 ques from idioms given you have to select the correct idioms from the options.
7 from comprehension
6 antonyms and synonyms
6-7 ques find error in sentence
5 fill in the blanks
10 close test
4 ques from arrangement where we gave to select the correct sequence of stringent from options.

Overall I have attempted 138 with 90% accuracy..  10% I can't say in English language.

**Reasoning I felt moderate. 

Thanks ,

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