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March 15, 2016

IBPS SO IT Officer Interview Experience 2016

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Hello Friends,

I am Deepak Kumar going to share my Interview Experience of IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER (IT) at Bhuaneswar, Odisha.

Deepak Kumar

  1. Worked 1 year and 6 months under BSNL/PGCIL NOFN PROJECT.
  2. Research Fellow at DRDO Chandipur for 6 months.
  3. Netowrking Associates under TCS for 6 months.
Interview Details
Date : 15-03-2016
Venue : Uco Bank, Bhuaneshwar, Odisha
Shift : Morning Shift
I reached Venue on Time feeling bit nervous but my parents & friends wishes make me strong. I Entered the Documentation Hall.

Documentation over very smoothly and documentation officer told you are from BSNL/PGCIL NOFN where is NOC? I replied sir I left BSNL/PGCIL 6 Months Back. And my documentation Over.

In d Queue I was 7th in my Panel. Ohh... God Seven My Lucky Number and this make me more Strong. After some time they called me to come near the Interview room. And Finally Bell rang and I am IN(ALL IZZ WELL):::

ME: May I come in
PANEL: Yes....

ME: Good Morning Mam & Good Morning Sirs
PANEL: Good Morning, Have your seat.

ME: Thank you

M1: Deepak I Is you qualified PO this year?
Me: Yes Sir I qualified IBPS PO this year.

M1: Which you join IBPS PO or SO?
ME: Sir as I am Engineering Graduate so always my 1st preference always IBPS SO.

M1: Good, Can you tell me what IT officer do in a Bank?
Sir An IT Officer in a bank plays a vital role as IT is the backbone of banking technology. The role and responsibilities of an IT Officer depends upon the section where he/she is deployed. IT Officers are required by every bank nowadays in order to take care of its software systems as these days almost everything is automated through IT tools. IT Officers look into the maintenance of servers, databases and other networking aspects.

M1: Good, Any two IT Department in a Bank?

M1: Satisfied with a smile and said Good now turn to F1 who look like  IT Officer.

F: Deepak You have experience can ur experience be helpfull for bank?
Me: Yes Madam My Experience will definately Help Banks.

F: Why LINK failure occurs in a Bank?
Me: Mam There was a problem in the router which led to the link failure. "The router faced hardware problems from which hampered work.

F: What is Router?
Me: A router is a device that forwards data packets along networks.

F: Ok...(Smile)

M2: What is RTGS?
Me: Sir, Real-time gross settlement systems (RTGS) are specialist funds transfer systems where transfer of money takes place from one bank to another on a "real time" and on "gross" basis.

M2: Settlement in Real time mean?
Me: Sir, Settlement in "real time" means payment transaction is not subjected to any waiting period.

M2: Satisfied said Very Good

M3: What is your Project During Explain me in 3 lines with Advantage and Disadvantage?
In this project we are controlling speed of a DC motor used in Industry by using a wireless technolgy called Zigbee.
ADVANTAGE: Very Cheaper as cost of parts was less and easily available.
DISADVANTAGE: It can operate with very less amount of Data.

M3: Good, Zigbee !!! Tell me about Zigbee Technology?
Me: Zigbee Technology is a wireless protocol designed for small, low power devices data transfer.

M1: Speed of Zigbee?
Me: Sorry Sir I m not able to recall.

M3: Then  What is the Difference between Zigbee & Bluetooth?
Me: Sir  these are both wireless technolgy but Bluetooth are used for large amount of data with complex structure like the media files, software etc.  Zigbee on the other hand has been developed looking into the needs of communication of data with simple structure like the data from the sensors.

M3: Very Good

M4: Why don't you opt. For TCS, INFOSYS or any other IT Firm at Bangaluru?
ME: Sir i always tried for Govt. Sector job as it is always stable and as my Father also Govt. Employee and has given 37 years to serve the country and got many award for it. So my Aim always to work in Govt. Sector.

M4: ok Suppose suddenly Koi apkey bank ke Data ko Hack karney ki koshis karega to aap as an employee kya karogey?
Me: Agar koi Hack karney ki koshis karta hai tab mai first solve karney ki koshis karunga then Higher Authority and Staff ko inform karunga fir Cyber cell ko bhi.

F: Cyber Cell ya police?
Me: Mam wahi Police ki Cyber Cell Department.

All start laughing and said Very Good Hacking bhi bacha li or Hacker ko bhi pakadwa diya.

M1: Hobbies ?
Me: Sir Playing Cricket and Travelling.

M2: Cricket Nice... WT20 Ka pehela match kab hai?
Me: (Confused) Sir aaj se start ho rahey hai. Or Qualifier match 7 th se start huye they.

M2: Kon si do Team Qualify huyi hai Super 10 mai?
Me: Sir Afghanistan & Bangladesh.

M2: Afghanistan team ke Captain and Coach ke Naam Batao?
Me: Sorry sir Captain name yaad nahi aa raha hai par coach Inzmam Ul Haq Hain.

M1: Deepak its Azhgar Stanikzai.
Me: Thank you Sir.

M1: ok Deepak you mai Go now and All the best.
Me: Thank u Sirs and Madam

All smiled and said All d best.

Overall my Interview took 15 minutes and My Interviewers are all supportive. There is no Introduction. I did 138 in written hoping 120-125 score in written.

This is my Interview Experience. Hope you enjoy.

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