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March 15, 2016

IBPS Specialist Officers (IT) Interview Experience 2016

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Hi friends, I am Lekshmi

I had attended IBPS IT Officer interview on 15th March at 8.30am.

Venue: Canara Bank, Trivandrum, Kerala.

My certificate verification started at 9 am as I was the third member.
Panel members- 5 males and 1 female
Entered the room after seeking permission

(Chairman was same who had interviewed me during P.O. interview.)
Said good morning mam n sirs. They asked me to sit, I thanked them n sat.
Chairman: You got 84% in B Sc and 83% in M Sc. Where does that 1% gone??
(He asked the same question during P.O. interview).
Me: Sir u asked the same question last time..
Everyone smiled..
Chairman: How many marks you got in P.O.? Now I remember your profile but once again introduce yourself for my colleagues.
Me: answered n introduced.
M1: Asked about NSS and the activities performed by me as an nss member.
M2: Explain software process life cycle.
Describe about software models with examples.
Difference between prototype n waterfall model
Embedded systems with examples
Difference between c and c++
L1: Jan dhan yojana
M3: value of euro? Which value is greater euro or dollar?
Chairman: currency of UK is pound rit?
Me: no sir, it's pound.
M4: saina n sania related to which games and their rankings?
Now I'm remembering only these questions.. Finally they thanked me n wished me all the best.
It lasted for 15 minutes.

Also questions asked to my friend was
  • Introduction
  • Mgnrega
  • Commercial banks
  • Difference between public n private banks Examples of private banks
  • Osi , tcp , session layer
  • Mla
  • Digital signature

It's the review of others which helped me in attending my interview confidently.. So I'm posting my experience which may be helpful to you..

All the very best to those who are going to attend IT interview..

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