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March 28, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 23rd March 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 23rd March 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Wise counsel needed in Uttarakhand"
  • Counsel - advice
  • Crisis - a time of great difficulty or danger
  • Inevitably - unavoidably
  • Delegations - a group of representatives
  • Dismissal - the act of ordering someone to leave
  • Majority - the ​difference in the ​number of ​votes between the ​winning ​person or ​group and the one that comes second
  • Rebel - a person who rises in opposition against an established government or leader
  • Unconstitutional - not ​allowed by the ​constitution (set of ​rules for ​government) of a ​country or ​organization
  • Apprehensions - anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen
  • Imposing - to ​force someone to ​accept something (law)
  • Meanwhile - while something ​else is ​happening
  • Expelled - to officially make someone leave an organization
  • Revolt - take violent action against an established government (because they ​refuse to be ​controlled or ​ruled)
  • Loyalists - strong supporters
  • Portfolio - a ​particular ​job of a ​member of a ​government (his area of responsibility)
  • Uncertainty - a ​situation in which something is not ​known
  • Grass-roots level - basic level
  • Genuine - sincere (truly what something is said to be)
  • Responsive - reacting quickly and positively
  • Contrast - difference
  • Coalition - the ​joining together of different ​political ​parties or ​groups for a ​particular ​purpose
  • Constituency - a group of voters in a specified area
  • Stints - a ​fixed or ​limited ​period of ​time ​spent doing a ​particular ​job or ​activity
  • Rivalry - a ​situation in which ​people ​compete with each other for the same thing
  • Spilled over - to ​continue for a ​longer ​time than ​expected
  • Outright - ​completely or ​immediately
  • Front runner - the ​person that is most ​likely to ​win something
  • Perceived - become aware or conscious of (something) / come to realize or understand
  • Ambit - the ​range or ​limits of the ​influence of something
  • Nastily - unpleasantly
  • Propriety - correct ​moral ​behaviour or ​actions
  • Sanctity - the ​quality of being very ​important
  • Extraneously - coming from outside
  • Lax - not sufficiently strict / careful
Topic 2 : "A pivotal shift to Cuba"
  • Pivotal - important
  • Diplomacy - the ​management of ​relationships between ​countries
  • Various - different
  • Revolution - a ​change in the way a ​country is ​governed (using ​violence or ​war)
  • Criticism - the ​act of saying that something or someone is ​bad
  • Beyond - outside of a stated limit
  • Bitter foes - enemies
  • Hostile - unfriendly
  • Collapse - sudden failure of something
  • Counterpart - a ​person or thing that has the same ​purpose / job as you
  • Rapprochement - an ​agreement ​reached by ​opposing ​groups or ​people
  • Reciprocated - to ​behave in the same way as someone ​else
  • Embassy - the ​office of the ​people who ​represent ​their ​country in a ​foreign ​country
  • Culmination - the highest or climactic point of something (after a long time)
  • Animosity - strong dislike / opposition / anger
  • Clinging - to stick to something (to hold something tightly)
  • Stood tall - to be brave and proud
  • Disintegration - the process of losing strength (to become weaker)
  • Aid - help
  • Blunted - weak
  • Overture - a ​communication made to someone in ​order to ​offer something
  • Imperative - an essential or urgent thing
  • Grievance - a ​complaint or a ​strong ​feeling that you have been ​treated ​unfairly / wrongly
  • Embargo - an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country
  • Dissident - a ​person who ​publicly ​disagrees with and ​criticizes ​their ​government
  • Sanction - an ​official ​order (such as the ​stopping of ​trade) that is taken against a ​country
  • Congressional - ​belonging or ​related to the US ​Congress
  • Radical - ​believing that there should be ​great ​social or ​political ​change
  • Overhaul - to improve something to make it work better
  • Monopoly - to have complete control of something (so that others have no share)
  • Cloud the Significance - to reduce the importance of something
  • Breakthrough - a sudden development
  • Momentum - the force that helps something to move / develop

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