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March 02, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 2nd March 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 2nd March 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "The health net should cover all"

  • Catastrophic - involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering
  • Expenditure - an amount of money spent
  • Calibrated -  To make corrections in; adjust
  • Bring up the rear - to be at the back of a group that is going somewhere
  • Out-of-pocket - used about money that you have to spend yourself rather than having it paid for you, for example by your employer or insurance company
  • Dialysis - a process of separating substances from liquid by putting them through a thin piece of skin-like material, especially to make pure the blood of people whose kidneys are not working correctly
  • Intervention - the act or fact of becoming involved intentionally in a difficult situation
  • Overdue - not done or happening when expected or when needed
  • Hospitalisation - the act of taking someone to hospital and keeping them there for treatment
  • Backed - give financial, material, or moral support to
  • Scaled-up - o increase the size, amount, or importance of something, usually an organization or process
  • Evident -  easily seen or understood
  • Augment - to increase the size or value of something by adding something to it
  • Capping - covering
  • Standardised  - to make things of the same type all have the same basic features
  • Aspect - a particular part or feature of something
  • Viable - capable of working successfully
  • Profiteering - to take ​advantage of a ​situation in which other ​people are ​suffering
  • Amorphous - having no ​fixed ​form or ​shape
  • Oversight - a ​mistake made because of a ​failure to ​notice something
  • Hazard - a danger or risk
  • Unethical - not morally correct
  • Nominal - very smal
  • Pegged - identified / marked
  • Retard - to make something ​slower
  • Skew - to ​cause something to be not ​straight or ​exact
  • Availing - using
  • Vital - essential (absolutely necessary)
  • Roster - a ​list of people's ​names, often with the ​jobs they have been given to do
  • Nephrologists - kidney specialist
  • Incidence - the occurrence, rate, or frequency of a disease
  • Renal - relating to the kidneys
  • Laudable - deserving praise
  • Underscores - highlights
  • Imperative - extremely ​important or ​urgent

Topic 2 : "Looking beyond economic quick-fixes"

  • Beyond - outside or after a ​specific ​limit
  • Quick fix - an easy remedy or solution (especially a temporary one)
  • Drove home - to ​state something in a very ​forceful and ​effective way
  • Persisting - continue to ​exist
  • Slowdown - a decline in economic activity
  • Reiterated - say something again or a number of times (for clarity)
  • Coordinated - effectively ​organized so that all the ​parts ​work well together
  • Multilateral - involving more than two ​groups or ​countries
  • Turbulence - a ​state of ​confusion without any ​order
  • Prescription - the ​act of ​telling someone ​else what they must have or do
  • Gathering - meeting
  • Stimulus - something that ​causes ​growth or ​activity
  • Over-reliance - over dependence or trust in someone or something
  • Along expected lines - similar to something as expected
  • Pressed hard - having a lot of difficulties doing something (​especially because there is not enough ​time or ​money)
  • Ought to - have to
  • Adopt - choose to take up or follow (an idea, method, or an action)
  • Stimulus - something that ​causes ​growth or ​activity
  • Counterpart - a ​person or thing that has the same ​purpose as another one in a different ​place or ​organization
  • Categorical - without any ​doubt or ​possibility of being ​changed
  • Ruled out - to say ​officially that something is ​impossible or will not ​happen
  • Insist - demand something forcefully
  • Reforms - make changes in something in order to improve it
  • Remedy - a ​successful way of ​dealing with a ​problem or ​difficulty
  • Divergence - the ​situation in which two things ​become different
  • Perception - the way in which something is understood or interpreted
  • Underpinned -  to give ​support to something
  • Refrain - to ​avoid doing or ​stop yourself from doing something
  • Devaluation - official lowering of the value of a country's currency
  • Soothe - to make someone ​feel ​calm or less ​worried
  • Significant - sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention
  • Depreciation - a decrease in the value of a currency relative to other currencies
  • Renminbi - the system of currency of the People's Republic of China
  • Turmoil - a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty
  • Volatility - changing ​suddenly and ​unexpectedly
  • Pose - to cause something (especially a problem / difficulty)
  • Concern - anxiety / worry
  • Emerging - starting to ​exist
  • Recession - a ​period when the ​economy of a ​country is not ​successful and ​conditions for ​business are ​bad
  • Collapse - the ​sudden ​failure of a ​system, ​organization, ​business, etc
  • Impact - a marked effect or influence
  • Contracted - decreased in size, number, or range
  • Crisis - a time of geat difficulty or danger
  • Concerted - coordinated
  • Pledge - to make a ​serious or ​formal ​promise to give or do something
  • Meltdown - a ​complete ​failure (especially in ​financial ​matters)
  • Immense - extremely large or great
  • Stabilisation - to fix something (to stop changes)
  • Equitable - ​treating everyone ​fairly and in the same way

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