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February 15, 2016

STATIC GK : 10 IN A DAY Part 9 - CENSUS (31-40)

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Hello everyone.... I am Meenakshi.

In this part of "STATIC : 10 IN A DAY" Part-9 CENSUS(31-40) we continue with Census and today mainly cover questions related with Population.

Hope you Like it. Happy Reading :)
  1. World Population - 7 billion
  2. Population of india increase by - 181 million
  3. Child Population Percentage - 13.1%
  4. Rural Population Percentage - 68.84 %
  5. Urban Population Percentage - 31.16 %
  6. Highest Urban Populated State - Maharashtra
  7. Highest Rural Population State - Uttar Pradesh
  8. Lowest Rural Population State - Sikkim
  9. Combined Population of UP & Maharashtra is more than that of - US
  10. India Population equals Total Population of - US, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Japan
Note : We are almost done with Census. Next post on Census will Be our last post. So if Anything left you can contribute by sending the data (so that we can add that in next post) using comments section below or you can mail to me or gr8ambitionz


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