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February 01, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Pravin (Pune)

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Name : Pravin Rajendra Thorat

Education Background :  B.E. Electronics & Telecommunications ( May 2014 Passout)

Venue : Bank Of Maharashtra, Pune

Date : 27 January, 2016

Time : 1 PM

Serial No : 15 out of 23

Panel No. : 1

Time duration : 5mins ( 4.25 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. )

Questions asked :

Only Technical & Basic Banking questions
[ Not a single question on Introduction, Personal Information, Family Background, Hobbies, Current Affairs etc.]


2) Wi-fi
3) Broadband

4) Name of Govt. Telecommunication company

5) Function of banks

6) How banks earn profit ?

7) Difference between check & DD

8) Is it possible for a single person to withdraw money from his joint account without other joint account holder's permission?

Panel was friendly & co-operative.
If you dont answer or answer in short, then the panel members themselves used to answer in detail.

This was my 4th interview in last 4 months.
[ RRB PO (18 Sep) , RRB Assistant (30 Sep) & UIICL Assistant (9 Dec) ].
In first 3 interviews, the questions were mainly asked on Personal, family background , Current affairs & not a single question was asked on Technical background.
And this time it was totally opposite of what had  happened earlier.
So never assume about what Interviewer will ask to you.
Perpare for all the topics & be ready for any question.

Here are my previous Interview experiences :

All the best :)

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