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September 13, 2015

SBI PO GD & Interview Experience

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Hi everyone, I am Gurukul. I attended SBI PO GD & interview at Hyderabad staff college, SO let me share experience..

Documents verification started at 7.30 am though it was scheduled at 8 AM. It was smooth (You wont face any problems if u bring all certificates as instructed in call letter) and members were very cordial and helpful. After that we had superb breakfast at canteen. Then GD at 9.30 AM, CANDIDATES-14 & Panel members-4. Our topic was whether there should be educational qualification for politicians. Each candidate were given 2 mins to talk, Then at the end 3 mins to sum up, here anyone can talk. Almost everyone were for mandatory educational qualification for politicos except me, I said that it should not be mandatory for rural areas where we have not yet achieved 100% literacy, In urban areas it is ok, but even it shoud not be made mandatory, it shud be one of the criteria. Bcos even few pupil who don’t hv formal education can be gud leaders n administrators as examples are AKBAR THE GREAT, BILL GATES AND MANY OTHER SCHOOL DROP OUTS ARE SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMEN N POLITICIANS.

And at the end only two guys consumed 3 mins(Myself n one Other guy), That might go against me…

After that Same panel took interviews, mine 2nd number, As I entered and wished them, first thing asked me was “ Ajay you dint allowed others to speak, are you always do the same, ru talkative”,
Me: No sir I usually talk less , but during GD at the end no one was willing to talk and no one was catching points, so I continued.
Panel Head: No I dint mean its negative I just asked,
Panel Head: Asked abt hobbies, I told
Panel-1(Lady): Question on recent crash in stock markets, Reasons---I EXPLAINED
Panel-2 : Role and functions of RRB’S(AS I’m presently working in RRB) & What do u mean by rural development. RRB’S funding and about NABARD?
Panel-3: Compare NPA’S of ur bank and SBI, Total Branches of SBI and ur bank(RRB) ?
Panel-4: Present condition of steel industry(Bcos I worked previously in steel industry)?
So it lasted for 12-15 mins, overall interview was cool …but im nervous about GD…

Now only one thing I can do is wait n watch with lots of hopes…

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