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June 14, 2018

Solutions for Reasoning Practice Test (SBI POs & Clerks) - Set3

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Friends, here are the solutions for the post Reasoning Practice Test for SBI Bank Exams Set-3. Please check the post from here and try to solve it on your own before checking these solutions. All the Best :)

1-1; If you subtract 1, all others give a prime number.
2-1; First, 8 even-positioned letters (Z = 26… ) are written from the end of the alphabet. Next come the 8 odd-positioned ones (Y = 25, ....)
3-2; The given number: 9 2 5 4 7 1 6
   In ascending order: 1 2 4 5 6 7 9
4-3; Bring the white board = ka na di pa ..... (i)
White and black board = na di sa ra (ii)
From (i) and (ii),
 white board = na di ... (iii)
Using (iii) in (i) we get
bring the = ka pa
Hence 'the' is written as 'ka' or 'pa'.
5-4; K>B>W>F>J
6-1; This can be substantiated by the entire passage.
7-5; Read the last sentence of the passage.
8-3; The passage talks only about northern India.
9-5; Had this been the case, the author wouldn't have talked about the need to address 'glaring anomalies'.
10-2; Though not with certainty, we may derive this inference from the reference to 'the poor monsoon this season'.
11-5; A proper course of action would be serving notices to these clubs to behave themselves. Even police personnel may be deployed, but only during the sensitive hours.
12-1; I and III would be too harsh; II is absurd.
* Efforts should be made to supervise the quality of the food prepared by the canteen.
13-1; I is the right course. II and III would create a bigger problem, viz pollution.
14-4; II is for the immediate future.
* III is for some time ahead. I does not follow because of the word 'immediately'.
15-3; I would be punishing the brave.
* II is absurd; how can city flights be diverted? Only III makes sense.

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