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August 06, 2015

Fear of studies - How to Overcome It ?

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Hi friends, I am Ankita Chandan. Here I am sharing an article on anxiety and fear related to studies, and how to overcome them. Hope you will like it :)

Students who have left studies for a few years and when they come back to studies, they encounter some difficulties .We will discuss some of their problems and fears. Like

  1. Fear that they can’t do it.
  2. They feel lazy.
  3. Everything is out of hands, they can’t cover the course.
  4. Time is passing by and every subject is lengthy.
  5. Hating subjects, not able to finish the daily studies.
  6. Feeling alone and accepting that the only possibility is to fail.
  7. Not able to concentrate in classroom.
  8. Fear of what will happen when teachers ask and you are not able to answer the question?
  9. What will others think of you?
How to face and cure these problems?
  1. Allot sufficient time for each subject.
  2. Your concentrating in classroom studies is going to help you a lot.
  3. Face things as they come.
  4. You will improve gradually, as everything takes time. If you are regular in studies it might take about 2-3 months to pick up studies.
  5. Your concentration will slowly increase.
  6. You have to devote time daily. Some hours daily will help you immensely.
  7. Daily studying class topics after class hours.
  8. Your 1st priority should be class topics. So that you can move with the flow of studies.
  9. Do pre-study and post-study, it will increase your confidence and help you cover the topics.
  10. You must take a break of 1 or 2 hours before you go for classes. It   will keep your mind free and alert. Use that break to do something which will relax you.     
Thank you for reading.

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