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August 14, 2015

Expected Questions from Union Budget 2015-16 : Set 3

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Hi friends, I am Ramachandran. T. Here I am sharing the Set 3 important questions on Union Budget 2015-16. I am planning to provide few more sets on this topic. At the end of these sets, I will provide you with the pdf version of the same. Happy Reading :)

To whom the priority will be given in the case MUDRA and Credit guarante ?
  • SC/ST
What is the premium and sum insured for Pradhan Manthri jeevan jyoti bima yojana ?
  • Rs.330 per day and 2 Lakh Coverage
What is the age goup for Pradhan manthri jeevan jyoti bima yojana ?
  • 18-50
How much is the unclaimed deposits in the PPF and EPF Corpus ?
  • 9,000 cr
The finance minister underlined the pressing need to increase public investment in infrastructure. He said that he proposes increased outlays on both the roads and gross budgetary support to the railways by___________and __________ respectively.
  • 10,500 cr and 40,300 cr
The CAPEX of the Public sector units is expected to be Rs._________an increase of approximately_________ over RE 2014-2015.
  • Rs 3,17,889 crore and Rs 80,844 crore
Our finance minister has proposed to establish National investment and infrastrucure fund(NIIF) with an annual overflow of __________.
  • 20,000 cr
What is the purpose of SETU and how much have been earmarked for NITI Aayog purpose ?
  • 1,000 cr
Expand PDMA ?
  • Public Debt Management Agency
What are the two units to be merged to strengthen the regulation of commodity forward markets and reduce wild speculation ?
  • Forward Market Commission and SEBI
Regarding the EPF, the minister said the employees need to be provided two options, _________and _______.
  • New Pension Scheme and Employee below certain house hold of monthly income
What will be on the face of Indian gold coin proposed in Sovereign Gold bond ?
  • Ashok chakra
How much is the non-Plan expenditure for the year 2015-2016 ?
  • 13,12,200 cr
What is the total expenditure estimated in the budget proposed for the year 2015-2016 by Arun jaitley ?
  • 17,77,477 cr
What type of transaction to be implemented to tackle black money transaction in real estate soon.
  • Rupay Debit Card
Defence budget is enhanced to__________ ?
  • 2,46,727 cr
Which two states are selected to give special assistance,and why they are selected when there is many other states ?
  • Bihar and West Bengal
How much money is allocated to for the scheme to develop rural india ?
  • 25,000 cr
What are all the PM Scheme that funds for Poor students ?
  • 1,000 cr
AIIMS to be set up in how many states, which states are selected for this ?
  • 6 States (Jammu & Kashmir , Tamil Nadu , Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Assam and Bihar )
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