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July 04, 2015

UIIC and NICL Interview Preparation Tips

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Hi friends, I am Aparna Sharma again.

'                   i thought that i will give a separate post for cpt & interview after uiic written exam but since nicl assistant interview is in this month only so this will be beneficial to both nicl & uiic assistant interview.

Computer proficiency test (15 minutes):-

  • MD Word:-
    • Paragraph consists of 6-7 lines. U have to type it keeping in mind about punctuation errors,capital letters,underline etc.
  • MS Excel :-
    • You have to make a table.U should know about basics of formula. They will give u some data u have to type it and u have to add it by applying formula. Please don't forget to border the table.Most imp:- u should know how to apply formula(they will check it)
Overall i can say that they just want to check that u know basic use of pc . Nothing else. So don't worry

& for Interview :-

  1. Home town details like any story related to name ,any famous place,any special thing if famous about your home town.
  2. They will try tito check your desire to do this job. U have to make them believe that u will not leave this job ( specially when u are overqualified)
  3. About your family background.
  4. Some question from your educational background
  5. Why do u want to join insurance sector?
  6. May be some question related to current affairs
  7. Question about company related question in which you are going to apply (nicl/uiic/oicl)
They just want to check your confidence level and your communication skills. It's just a formal conversation nothing else. All the best to interview aspirants.

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