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May 13, 2015

Today's SBI Associates Bank Interview Review

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Name : Shwetha A L

Venue : Dharwad, Karnataka

Hello, Frnds... Today i had my interview at 9am. I reached der at 8:30. Basically am a science graduate wit PG in chemistry n had experience in teaching ...i was very much worried abt wat to answer if dey ask y bank? y don't u continue wit teaching. But am lucky dat i met a lecturer by name Mr.Varun. M Who guided me to the max n am great full to him for filling me wit confidence. Here am going to share my experience.

There were 4 members in panel 1.  3M n 1F.
All the candidates were so much tensed dat der hands were shivering... N dat made my heart rate also increase.
I was called in... It was a calm n spacious room.
Me: May i come in please
F: yes....(With a warm smile)
Me: Gud morning sirs n mam.
F: Take ur seat.
Me:Thank u mam
M1(GM) : U have done pg in chemistry... Tell me wat is avogadro' s hypothesis.
Me: Taught for 2to 3sec couldn't remember as i was fully occupied wit banking terms(May sound weird but i really couldn't remember) den told sorry sir i don't remember.
M1: smiled n asked wat did he find.
Me: sir he has found out a constant i.e 6.023*10 to the power23. Den suddenly Avogadro' s hypothesis flashed n i explained.
M1: I dont understand so much but i ll consider ur answer.
M1: apart from teaching chemistry wat other qualities would u teach ur students?
Me : sir i would teach dem to respect elders, be loyal n humble.
M1: y shld da elders be given respect? Even if dey dont deserve shld dey b respected?
Me: sir by considering der age dey shld be respected...
M1: y humble?
Me : sir humbleness is accepted in society.
M1: Humble ppl r usually humiliated in society.
Me: I such cases v need to act accordingly.
M1: I may not be convinced wit any of da qualities dat u r telling. Tell me some other qualities.
Me: i would tell dem to do hard work...
M1: k hard work..... (Guestured towards M2)
M2: Asked few questions abt my husbands profession as he is a DO in LIC.
Me: Answered...
M2: Teaching is a respectable job y do u want to leave it n join bank?
Me: Sir in teaching as a freasher i didn't get much opportunity for lecturing n was confined to practical classes n i wanted to settle down in my career n... (M2 interrupted n pointed towards M3)
M3: If a person is not a MP n if he is appointed as a minister den for hw many days can he serve in dat post?
Me: (Didn't get da question at first go cos of his pronunciation) pardon me sir...
M3: Repeated da same question in Kannada.
Me : sorry sir no idea.
M3: He can serve for 6months.
Me: Thank u sir...
M3: tell me abt ur native place. i.e ( husbands native place)
Me : Explained in detail.
F:  U were a chemistry lecturer tel me wat would u do if concentrated acid falls on ur students hand?
Me : would tell dem to wash wit water.
F: Wil it not produce more adverse effect?
Me: would put 2-3 drops of NaOH. Den wit water n den would  apply burnol... ( actually never did dat...)
F: Not wit dil. HCl?
Me : no mam....
F: tell me abt social networks n its uses
Me: Explained abt Facebook n whatsapp n forgot tweeter... N....
F: said k..... N smiled
M1: u may go.
Me: Thank u sirs n mam. A gud day to wash u all....
So this was abt my first interview experience. Its lengthy but hope it helps.
They r going to test da candidates behaviour n der response..
Just b yourself n confident.
All da best to those who r going to face in future...

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