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May 09, 2015

ISRO Assistant Interview Experience

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Hi Friends,

I am Chinnu.. I had qualified for isro assistant exam and i would like to share my interview experience.

Date : 7th may 2015

Place : SDSC shriharikota

Reporting Time : 7.30

All the candidates who has been called for interview for 7th may have reached by the reporting time..later we have seated in hall and were enquired about our qualifications.

all the persons who are and b.pharm have been asked to leave the hall.
For the remaining candidates TA (travel allowance) form and declaration forms have been
given and asked us to fill them up.

P.S: please carry your train or bus tickets with you as they will ask you to show and will take them as attachments for your TA form.. if you are unable to produce the tickets..TA will not paid for you.

After filling the forms and submission necessary attachments with them.. certificate verification is done.

For all the selected candidates of interview call letters have emailed or sent by post along with bio data forms which ha to be duly filled and has to be submitted during verification along with  photocopies of your certificates attested by you..
 As it is mentioned in the notification knowledge of computers in eligibility criteria.. if you have computers subject then it pose no problem if not certificate to show that you possess computer knowledge is MANDATORY.

After verification each candidate is called for interview.

The interview panel consisted of 7 members.
1st(seated in centre): being a post graduate dont you feel you are overqualified for you post?
for this i have explained as it govt job and gives security etc.
Since i am from science background he asked me few questions about my specialisation in post graduation and few more on subjects of my undergraduate course.
in those i havent answered a couple of questions :(

2nd (seated to left of 1st) .. he asked about my computer course as i dont have computers as a subject..also asked me about input and output devices ,screen resolutions ,memory,etc..
3rd (beside 2nd) he asked me to explain about my city and about my fathers job also about neighbouring states of my state
4th (seated to the right of 1st).. he asked a few more question on usage of computer knowledge in various fields..
5th (seated beside 4th) ..he asked me about basics concepts of science
6th(seated beside 5th)he asked me regarding books i have read recently(as i mentioned i read ebooks on my pc)
7th(seated beside 6th) she asked a few questions on advanced topics of science like biotechnology etc..
 it took nearly 20 -25 mins
finally i am dismissed..
 on my exit i was paid with TA..
 finally the members of panel were friendly.. they encouraged me to answer and given me time to think of answer..

note: before interview you are a given a form in which you are willing to get interviewed..
you can choose between English and Hindi.

i hope my post will help others..
thank you..

A follower of Gr8ambitionz

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