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March 02, 2015

UIIC Interview Experience


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Name : Anushka

Qualification : B.Com Economic Honors

Interview Date : 28th Feb 2015

Venue : Hotel Jaipur palace , Jaipur

Timings : 2 PM
I reached the venue before 15 minutes. Verification was done. I did not had tc of my college so they took a undertaking.

After that i was send to a Computer Proficiency Test, it was easy and they were passing all the candidates and 15 minutes were given for that.

After that we were made sit outside the interview cabin. I was called in ....

They were 3 people in panel and all of them were male.

I wished them good afternoon

P1 - good afternoon. Where are you from ?
Me - answered

P1 - tell me the name of mayor and vice mayor of your city ?
Me - answered

P1 - tell me to eminent economist of india ?
Me - amartya sen and manmohan singh.

Then he turned to 2 panel member,

P2 - why manmohan singh  was called remote control?
Me - answered

P2 - you feel same for n. Modi now as he is been directed by rss?
Me - i told him yes after his silence on conversion of muslims into hindus.

P2 - good. I wanted ti hear about this only. Who visited us on republic day?
Me - barack obama and his wife michelle obama

P2 - what is break even point and shut down point?
Me - told

now P3 turned in -

P3 - asked about family ?
Me - i told we are 4 members. My father and brother both are branch managers in sbbj and boi respectively.

P3 - a cmd and hq of uco bank and boi ?
Me - arun kaul( kolkata) . Boi - vijaylaaxmi iyer ( mumbai)

P3 - we will post you outside your homes city ? Will you go ?
Me - absolutely

P3 - what is 10 janpath?
Me - told congress hq

P3 - who is father of economics ?
Me - adam smith

Okay. All the best . I wished them again that have a nice day and they wished me the same too.


  1. Harsimranbir SinghMarch 2, 2015 at 4:03 PM

    Any news regarding score of ibps 4 qualified candidates

  2. Thanks Anushka. ATB

  3. The interview date I s 28th feb 2014 or 2015

  4. good interview anushka, ATB. hopefully u will be in

  5. Thanks for sharing ur experience all the best ...:)

  6. very nice Dear..
    Kindly elaborate how CPT went ..

  7. CPT Details such as word how many lines & Excel simple formulaes please update.

  8. please i am having interview on 4th march @ bangalore.

  9. what about local language.

  10. Total time for both MS word and excel

  11. please please elobrate how CPT went

  12. Best of luck anushka didi

  13. Hi Anushka is character certificate necessary?

  14. You are definately in....congratulations dear

  15. Hey anushka...plz tell abt transfer certificate... Mentioned in Call letter....s it mandatory?

  16. Expected cut off of Sbbj clerk

  17. 15 min as she wrote above in her interview.

  18. hi anushka --character certi from gazetted officer or from school/college?


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