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February 20, 2015

SBI Associates PO Interview Experience shared by Deepika (New Delhi)


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Hii friends done with SBI Associate PO Interview on 19/02/15. Here is my Review :)

Name : Deepika Soni

Panel - 3rd

Venue - State Bank of India , LHO, Complex 11,parliament street, New Delhi

Landmark - very close to jantar mantar

Category - OBC

People who will verify ur documents will make u crazy (but well it's their duty). Please take ur orignal id proof nd it's photocopy also .they will ask for it, although it is not mentioned. 

Plz extra certificate le jao but kam na le jana.
1 id bhi nahi mangi but tum 2 le jao with photo state also

In my panel only 4 members were there. They will check ur obc certificate thoroughly nd will check every word of resolution (pagal kar denge sign karake .maine atleast 30 times sign kiya h)
after verification of all,,gd around 2:00 pm
4 members in panel
each candidate will have 2 minutes to speak then 10 minutes for open discussion.
then a/c to ur no. interview will take place
gd topic - India has not encashed it's rich heritage (bharat ne apni mahan sabhyata ka fayda nahi uthaya)

My no.was 15 so interview around 5 pm
whole conversation was in hindi ( although i mentioned English in bio-data )
entered in room
3 male 1 female
all present in gd except 1
wished everyone individually nd all replied
and asked me to sit
i sat and thanked
M1 aksed me( since my first name is similar to a famous actress so asked me )
do u know her
i replied with smile - yes sir.she is an actress
M1- so do u like her
i said - i said initially i don't like her but now i like
female member asked me why so ?
replied - mam intially itni movie samjh nahi aati thi but ab aati h isliye achi lagti h
mam laughed - movies mein samjhne k liye kya hota h
nd all laughed
M1 again so who is ur favourite actress
replied - karishma kapoor ( he was expecting me to say meena kumari or madhubala but i have only heard name of these ladies only from my mother )
ha asked don't u know meena kumari or madhubala
replied - sir.maine sirf in dono ke name sune h meri mummy se aur kuch nahi pata
M1 again '- ok u have done ur graduation in cbz
what is use of ur subjects in banking
replied some nonsense - he was not satisfied
so tell me why i should we select u ?
replied - don't know he was convinced or not but i tried my best
passed to M2
aksed me where is dilwara temple (since i m from raj)
replied - mount abu
asked for what it is famous
replied - famous for jain religion temple
asked do u know about SAARC nd name of countries associated with it
replied with confidence yes sir 8
again he asked me tell me full form of SAARC
replied - south asian association for regional corporation
then he asked me is it corporation on cooperation
i corrected my self yes sir it is cooparation
7 countries i told 1 name was missing
he asked afghanistan nahi h kya
i said yes sir hai
lady member ( she must be from history background. but i was fortunate enough bcoz i knew most of answers)
she asked what is arthshastra
i mistook ( she was asking me about kautilya or chankya but ye bat mujhe ghar aake samjh aayi ha ha ha)
i replied mam economy
again mam - ancient history me kisi ne koi book likhi h is pe
us time mujhe econonomic theory of drain yad aayi written by dadabhai naurajee
i replied
she asked ok tell me who is dada bhai naurrojee
replied he was freedom fighter
ok unka ek aur name
replied - mam i have heard it but unable to recall
she asked metro related question
if any male person will enter in ladies coach to kya hoga
i said - mam penalty lagegi us pe
she asked - kitni
replied - m not sure may be100/500
then she asked many question related to metro
koi tumhe waha eve teasing kare to kya karogi
koi metro gate ko obstruct karke khada h to kya penalty
( kitni bar metro me gai hu but ye sab dhyan se nahi padha)
replied don't know
she herself answered
i said thank u
suddenly i said to mam dadabhai naurajee ka dusra name old grandman of india tha
all member laughed - ye abhi tak yahi soch rhi h ( i don't know but suddenly it striked in my mind)
lady member - said good
i mentioned in biodata form that i won gargi scholarship
she asked u r somewhere related to gargi
i replied yes mam she asked who was gargi and maitriyi
i said - mam she was scholar
she asked - in which century ( i was almost to laugh mam banking ka interview h ki history ka)
answered with smile - mam i don't know
again u r somewhere related to pali ( i was born in pali district)
what was pali in ancient history
replied - mam it was language used in buddhism and jainism religion for their inscription
akked me about 4 vedas in ancient history
replied - yajurveda.samveeda,,rigveda and arthveda
she asked it is atharveda
replied - thank u mam
M3- tell me about darvinisim ( since i m from bio background )
i heard anything else
i said aisi to koi theory nahi suni maine
he said darwin ki theory evolution me
i said sorry sir i said i heard anything else
i said - sir a/c to this theory wohi species survive karegi jo sabse jyada competitive hogi
lady member - do u think that u will survive
replied with smile & confidence - yes mam
all said u may leave
i thanked and left that room

Panel was very cooperative it was like i m talking to my seniors 

while coming out from room, after a long time i got positive vibes . fingers crossed

All the Best Guys
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  1. You are in According to the lenght of your interview

  2. Is OBC declaration form necessary in biodata form if we dont belong to OBC?

  3. awesome u will be selectd yar:)

  4. In refrence coloum ,wheter it shud be of bankers or 4m other orgn


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