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February 26, 2015

Interview Experience of SBI Associates PO


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Name : Satyam Dixit

Date : 24/02/2015

Panel : 1

Venue : LHO, Lucknow

Time : 11:00AM

Document verification began at 11 am which went smoothly..

Then we were moved to Conference hall. Panel told d rules of GD. In GD there were two rounds. In first round everyone has to speak for two minutes.Panel had stopwatch.In second round everyone was given 1 minute to conclude or tell remaining points.

GD topic : Multiparty system is detrimental for Indian politics

So no open GD took place. There was no language barrier but dey told to speak in only one language not to mix up.

After lunch dey called the candidates serially for intrvw. My serial number was 5.

Interview experience : 5 members were dere in panel. 4 Males and 1 female.

M1: What ws d recent news about Mathura( i did graduation from a college in Mathura)
Me: told( Some NCR issue)
M1: who is d MP of mathura?
Me: told
M1: hw can one have 4 hobbies( as i mentioned singing,music,watching sports and reading novel).
I anwered in a defensive manner :D
M1: whose books do u read.. tell us d name of indian writters who write in english.
Me: told.
F3:who ws d author of Malgudi days?
Me: told.
F3: who ws Mr. RK Laxman who recently died?
Me: got confuse.. but recalled n told a cartoonist.
F3: What us d name of his character?
Me: told ( dey said GOOD :D)
F3: who ws d story writer and music director of movie GUIDE?
Me: gave wrong answers.. :(
M4: when and why was nationalisation of banks done?
Me: gave answer but dey wanted to hear more.. dey told one reason was to remove poverty( garibi hatao slogan by Indira gandhi)
M2: what are Non interest profit for bank?
Me: actually i hdnt listend dis term before but after understanding d general meaning i told POS, atm transaction fee, mutual fund business etc..
M2: what is bancassurance?
Me: explained.
M1: what is d need of it? Why cross selling?
Me: told
M1: hw does LIC sell its policies?
Me: thaught for a while and told by d help of agents..
They said OK..
M1: u r an engineering student so try to explain d things precisely.Dont become politician while explaining(when i answered about nationalization)
then they said OK,thank you..i wished all and came out of d room.
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  1. should we bring each sem mark sheet or is cmm enough

  2. gd me pass hone ke bad hi interview lete hai kya

  3. No..GD is 20 marks..interview is of 30..they announce a collective cutoff out of 50 marks

  4. I had interview today at SBI LHO KOLKATA

    Date 25-02-2015

    Document verification hassle free.Cooperative everybody

    Panel - I

    GD topic : Liberalization led to Jobless Growth.

    GD free discussion was like times now prime time.

    They asked me if I was satisfied with other people's answer. I bluntly said the candidates fail to see the big picture, and were saying vague answer just for the sake of GD. They happily nodded.

    People were too dumb and ill informed about this topic. So apart from 4-5 others #EPICFAIL There was a point panel members slept. I told them the same in PI, they laughed

    Interview - Chairman, 3 M and 1F

    Questions asked were:

    What is stock options? - Couldn't answer only this.

    GD related some 10-15 questions

    4-5 Questions about graduation subject.

    What is FMC

    I have an account in SBI CapSec so some 10 questions on stocks, derivatives, futures, options,swaps and stock exchanges

    What is arbitrage?

    GDP new formula., Service-Manufac and agri sector based few questions.

    FII,FPI, FDI and mayaram panel

    Self empolyment schemes.

    Make in India fundas.

    Maroeconomic fundas.

  5. mail them to friend. They will publish it


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