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February 08, 2015

IBPS Clerks III Interview Experience shared by Pooja


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Name : B. Pooja ( C.S.E)

Date : 17-02-2014

Score : 120

Category : Gen

Center : Andhra Bank Staff Training Center, Vizag

My interview was at 8:30 am. I reached the venue by the time i reached, there were nearly 15 aspirants who came earlier than me. There they gave me a white paper to write 10 lines in our local language (Telugu).. I wrote.. Certificate verification was started by 9:15 am.. I was 18th in my panel. By certificate verification started at 11am and I was called for interview at 1:00pm

Me : Gently opened the door and asked excuse me sir,mam may i come in
Panelists:with a great smile said come in

Me:wished gud afternoon mam,sirs..they wished me again and said take ur seat i thanked them and sat
there were 4 members 1 lady and 3gents

M1:asked my name
Me: i replied pooja

M1: do u knw the song on ur name
Me: don't know sir

M1, M2 : Started singing a old song on my name
Me : Said as it is old song i dnt' knw sir.. they asked individually my marks and my educational qualification
me:replied B.Tech (C.S.E)

M1:year of passing

M2:tell me about ur self
Me:started saying..while i was saying about my fathers occupation m3 said gud
i continued ..

M3 interupting me askd where u used to sit in your engg 1st r last
Me:1st bench sir

M3:if u sit in the frst bnch den there u might hav faced a problem in sleeping
Me: i used to sleep opening my eyes itself sir
all the panel members laughed hugely at a time listening to my answer

M3:then tell me about the animal which sleep by opening its eyes
Me:fish sir

M2:laughing asked now r u answering by sleeping r r u awake
Me:i am in active condition only sir

M2: k very gud asked me to  continue my details
Me:hobbies :watching movies

M2:do u watch all movies
Me:maximum i watch sir

M2:u watch movies in theater r in t.v
Me:theater sir
there some conversation took place about movies and i said about the story of a movie

M1:r u tensed
Me:no sir

M2:she is not tensed bt she cause tension to us
here the comedy stopped

M1:what hav u prepared
Me:banking and General Awarenss

M1:tell me about bank
Me:replied dentition of bank

M1:dats all

M1:tell me about lady cmds

M1:lady cm's

M2:do u read newspaper
Me:yes sir

M2:asked about the 2 days before banking news
Me:i said about the meeting conducted by andhra bank cmd and abot the sbi
M3:any more
Me:i said about the news related to atms where we can withdrw money without havng bank account i.e by our mobiles
M3:very good

M1:asked about the loans
Me:said about home loans ,educational loans....m2 is helping me in the mean while

M1:rbi functions

M2:monetary policy

M1:base rate

Complete interview took place in Telugu

M2:can u answer in English
Me:with confidence said yes sir

Then they said  (with smile) u may leave now 

Ithanked them and left from there with a smile

this was my interview experience friends. Totally in Telugu and i think it gone well

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  1. all the best..ul definitely select..

  2. bank of india -vijayalakshmi R Iyer

  3. She is already selected man!

  4. are u selected pooja?

  5. can we answer english...or else only telugu....

  6. Hi... What is the cutoff score of IBPS SO(Marketing) Gen in 2014?

  7. hey guys my interview is on 13th in pune... i dont know marathi :(
    i m really worried about that.. what to do?

  8. I don't know kanada ,but I applied from karnataka state itself due to some problem.Will I be disqualified?? In the notification its only written that preference would be given to candidates having local language knowledge...

  9. mam they are asking to write an essay in local language but if we dont know local lang we can write in English or not

  10. learn basic marathi through internet or book or through help of some marathi person.
    1) Learn how to read news paper.They must will give u paper in marathi to read.
    2)Also practice to write in marathi like 10 lines in marathi or write any paragraph(small one in marathi).

    u have 4 days start preparation.and convey them that u are learning marathi ok.

  11. learn local language meaans to write paragraph on any topic (prepare now)and try to learn reading a nwspaper in local language.

  12. no. only loc lang

  13. I think there is no disclosure of score this does she knows her scote

  14. Sbi results kab aayega dost log?

  15. All the best to all state students who are gonna attend ibps clerk interview from tomorrow

  16. it is unfortunate

  17. What is the cutoff for general candidates n wat she mentioned?

  18. i am also waiting for the same..

  19. me bhi kab se wt kar rhi hu per koi news nhi h rslt ki ab tak...

  20. wat is ur attempt in SBI?

  21. wat is ur attempt in sbi?

    Recently i attended my ibps po
    interview and next week i have ibps clk interview. I want to ask you all
    that if the panelists ask me about my previous bank exams then should
    tell them about pm po interview ?? If yes, then won't you think that
    they might think that this guy has already done po interview so why
    should we giv him a seat here..

  23. kalkura pa.....ur mail id ????

  24. how to download scorecard of niacl asst.?


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