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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Rajan (Ludhiana)

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HI all.. The whole interview was in Punjabi. But i have translated that to English so that everyone here can understand that.

Name : Rajan

Venue : PNB Circle Office, Ludhiana

Time : 1:00 PM

Date : 12/2/2015

I reached the venue 30 minutes earlier. as soon as I entered the hall, i was handed a blank A4 Sheet and asked anything to write on it in Punjabi. I was first on the list. My documents were verified at 12:50 pm. My interview started at around 2PM. There were 6 members in the panel. 5 male and 1 Female. I entered the room with a smile and wished everyone Good Afternoon. They replied but didnt ask me to sit(Seemed like they forget to ask or were of the view that will sit without asking). M1:
how are u? Answered
M1: From where are u? answered. I was still standing
Me: May i sit sir.
M1: yes of course. the chair is here for u only.

M2: Can u read punjabi?
Me: Yes Sir. then i was asked to read a headline in newspaper placed on table.

M1: Asked a lot of about my family background.
Me: Answered, the conversation took around for 5-7 minutes.

M1: Since ur father is a retired bank manager, What he has asked you to prepare?
Me: Sir basic banking terms.

M1: How was ur PO Exam?
Me: I had interview of IBPS PO at the same venue.

M1: Which date?
Me: Sorry sir dont remember the exact date.

M1: you should remember that. It isn't that long plus its a important date in your life.
Me: Yes sir but i cant recall that.

M1: Tell what were u asked in the last interview?
Me: Answered.

M1: Did u knew all the answers?
Me: No sir

M1; Answer the ones u didn't know at that moment.
Me: Answered

M1: What is Sahara scam?
Me: answered.

M1: How much India has Foreign reserves now?
Me: Sorry It was in newspaper last day but can't recall the figures.

M1: Who is the new Miss Universe?
Me. can't recall that.

M2: Which was prior to that?
Me: Dont know sir

M1: Wht is indemnity?
Me: Answered but he was not satisfied.

M1: What is difference between indemnity and guarantee?
Me: Answered. (later on a lot of questions were asked from the same topics)

M1: Who make the movie Mary kom?
Me: Sorry, cant recall the name of the director.

M1: on whose life it is based?
Me: Answered

M1: Who played the lead role?
Me: Answered

M1: what is the name of the software used in Banks?
Me: Answered

M1: Why  it is named Finacle?
Me: Don't know sir. the he told me the answer the it is Finance+oracle. That is database of finance.

my interview went for at least 25 minutes. there was a lot of counter questioning. overall my interview was average. Not so good.. Not so bad. Good luck everyone who is preparing. 

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