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February 23, 2015

Evening Shift Reviews of SBI Associates Clerks Online Exam dated 22nd February 2015


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Review shared by Bhargavi
Hi friends I'm bhargavi from A.P. I attended yesterday's sbi associate clerk evening shift. overall exam is easy to moderate.

General Awareness : Moderate
some questions are:
  • 57th Grammy Awards held at - Los Angeles
  • Kuala Lampur is the capital of - Malaysia
  • Shekel is the currency of - israel
  • World Aquatic Championships 2015 held at - Russia
  • Reverse repo Rate meas -
  • Asian Development Bank Head Quarters - manila, Philippines
  • Nazma Hetulla, smriti Zubin Irani constituencies - M.P., gujarat
  • lavoni Dance
  • Chanda Kochhar is the MD of - ICICI Bank
  • HIV full form
  • Aditya-2 mission is the study on
  • IBSA 2015 Summit
  • SLR Rate
  • One Question on census 2011
  • easel group to set up 5000mw of solar park projects in - rajasthan
  • March 22nd World Water Day purpose - sustainable water and development
  • Questins on World Economic Forum and credit rating agecies
Quant : Moderate
  • Time consuming
  • Simplifications : 15
  • D.I. : 5
  • Series : 5
  • Remaining on time and work, profit&loss, compound interst, avg, ages etc..
Reasoning : Very Easy
  • we can attempt 35-40 questions
  • Puzzles - 2
  • Syllogism - 5
  • coding-decoding - 5
  • Inequalities - 5
English : easy
  • We can attempt 30-35 questions
  • Comprehension - 10
  • Cloze test - 10
  • Blanks -5
  • Sentence correction - 5
  • Sentence Arrangement - 5
  • Spelling mistakes - 5
Computers/Marketing :
  • computers was easy coming to marketing tough to me.
That's all fnds.Thanks to Gr8

Questions shared by Monu Sharma
  1. Davos summit held in jan 2015 related to what?-world economic forum
  2. Najma Heptulla Rajya Sabha member from which state?MP
  3. World Aquatic Championship 2015 venue?Russia
  4. IBSA Summit 2015 venue?INDIA
  5. Anirban Lahiri related to which sport?Golf
  6. Largest mines of lignite/lithium?(not sure)2
  7. max optimum population of district & village of which state(census 2011)?
  8. shekel currency of which country?Israel
  9. Kuala Lumpur capital of which country?Malasiya
  10. Malgudi Days author?RK Narayana
  11. HARYANA female sex ratio as per census 2011?879
  12. Lavni dance form of which state?Maharashtra
  13. World Economic outlook presented by which organixation?IMF
  14. current slr rate?21.5
  15. reverse repo rate meaning?
  16. grammy award venue?los angeles usa
  17. wi fi city?kolkata
  18. adb hq? Philippines
  19. green revolution started by whom?M.S. Swaminathan
  20. adani signed mou with which state for 10,000 mw solar energy?rajasthan
  21. 2 questions from mutual funds,icici bank,

My attempts:171
  • ga-28
  • marketing/comp-30
  • eng-40
  • reasoning-40
  • maths-33

Exam duration-135 minutes (mentioning as i didn't notice it prior to exam hall so was happily surprised ) :-)

best of luck for the candidates of upcoming sessions. 

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  1. i too got it march 4... :)

  2. Hey monu good attempt n from which state

  3. there's no one more final list la. are we surely selected. what i noticed is vacancy is 885 only. but they hav selected 1439

  4. Thanks Gr8 team... ur Gr8.... :-)

  5. Thanks Nalini.. nice collection...

  6. Good attempts, I also became aware of time duration thanks

  7. 135 minutes, really??

  8. Oh god people writing exams without knowing the time duration

  9. Finally bank settlement is done at 15%. Probably bank employees will have additional holidays on second and last saturday

  10. Really .. its a gud news..

  11. Sbi clerk final results kab aayega

  12. Here is the complete text of the settlement.

  13. here is the complete text of settlement

  14. ppta nai yaar... many are waiting for the same

  15. green revoultion --coined by grande
    father of world green revolution --noram borlang
    father of indian green revolution -- m.s.swaminathan

  16. optimum populated state accordindg to census 2011..

  17. Ibps clerk 4 interview experience
    venue - Grand jbr lucknow
    my interview was on 19 th of feb , whole interview was in hindi
    panel 1

    i entered the room nd said Good afternoon
    mam , Good afternoon sirs
    M3 : So u r frm faizabad
    me : Yes sir
    M 2 : Apne bare me bataiye
    me : Told
    M2 : apne graduation me biotech kia hai
    , biotech ka kya use hai bank me
    me : Sir biotech ka koi use nhi hai bank me
    M2 : Phir
    Me : Sir computer science mera additional subject tha graduation me , iska use hai bank me
    M3 : Computer ka use bataiye in banking
    me : Told all the operations done with the help of computers
    M2 : Ok , computer k aane se bank enployees ko kya benefit hua nd customers ko kya benefit hua
    me : told
    M2 : Accha ye batao banks me itne jyada recruitments kyo ho rhe hain
    me : Bcoz banks expansion kar rhi hi, new branches open ho rhi hi , jyada man power ki requirement hi
    M2 : Aur koi reason
    me : Banks me retirement ho rhi hi bulk me thts y
    M2 : Aur koi reason
    Me : Sorry sir , dont knw
    M 2 : ( Haste hue ) Aap log bahut upar ki sochte ho , bahut choti si cheez hai .
    chalo koi baat nhi
    F : Aapne koi aur exam dia tha
    me : No mam , only banking
    M1 : Beta , mam ka matlab hai , apne po ka exam dia tha
    me : Yes sir
    M1 : Kitne marks the
    me : Sir , 83
    28 Jan ko interview tha
    F : kaun kaun se questions puche gye the
    me : Told
    M 3 : kahin mam to panel me nhi thi
    me : ( Looked at mam ) shayad sir
    they started laughing
    M 3 : Ok apne biotech kia hi thn jatropha suna hi , kya hota hai
    Me : Used as biodiesel
    M1 : Good , plant dekha hai iska
    Me : No sir
    F : Ok banking me kya padha hai
    me : Banking terms all
    M 4 : Ok RBI k functions bataiye
    me : RBI monetary policy ko formulate , implement nd monitor krti hi
    bankers to government , bankers to the banks , issues currency notes nd works as a custodian of forex exchange
    M 3 : Ok , bank gurantee ke bare me bataiye
    me : Told abt banks introduction
    M 1 : Beta aap introduction bta rhe ho
    me : Sorry sir , loan against collaterals like mortguage
    M 4 : ( Haste hue ) Abhi jyada deep puchenege , mortguage bata nhi paoge
    me : sir , puchiye pata hi :)
    M 4 : ( Haste hue ) Ok ok theek hai
    passed to M 3
    M 3 : Ok beta best of luck
    me : Thank you sir , thank you mam

    sabhi panel members bahut friendly the , all time they laughed nd giving smile

  18. s this is final...

  19. tank u ur updates helping us very well

  20. me too egmore.
    pls answer for this... what i noticed is vacancy is 885 only. but they hav selected 1439.

  21. When ll be certificate verification. What should be taken there? Will they intimate through mail or phone?

  22. Satyannarayana YedlaFebruary 23, 2015 at 9:56 PM

    How to remember these?

  23. kindly share the material of computers plz dont make it delay as my exam is very near im running short of time. kindly provide it please

  24. Did any one from PASBCO get verification call letter ?

  25. When will be the certificate verification?

  26. Hi prathiba.. Just certification verification is going to happen to check the eligibility.. Thats all .. then we have to wait for training it seems.. my id is

  27. I am also selected for PASBCO... how to know my division??? pls tell if you know...

  28. Hi I want to know phase I and phase ii exam are conducting in same date or separately. Phase I passed out candidates only attend the phase ii exam

  29. Anybody from arakonam divisom

  30. Anybody from arakonam division

  31. no. did u get call letter means inform

  32. is any one got selected in RMS Madurai division

  33. when will they call us and when will be the appointment?

  34. Amala manju Raja DuraiFebruary 25, 2015 at 12:51 PM

    Hi. To which area do you belong I belong to cuddalore and yet to receivE call letter

  35. Please inform if u get any letter or mail

  36. Who ever get the letter pls inform

  37. I got mail from arakonam division for certificate verification

  38. When wil be d certificate verification

  39. i am selected for pasbco and received call letter for cert. verification on mar 10.. mail was sent to the alternate emailid i gave, not my id..wil they call for training immediately or will be delayed? wher wil they post for sbco? need to shift house etc.. someone who knows pls explain further process. what wil b the inhand salary?

  40. Amala manju Raja DuraiFebruary 26, 2015 at 11:19 AM

    hi hari. Please let me know for the cerrificates asked for verification. I am out of station from my native please reply soon

  41. 10th, 12th certificates and transfer certificate for date of birth proof. Are you from arakonam division?

  42. i got selected as PARO/CO...friends pls reply me if anyone got the call letter from PARO/CO division.

  43. Please remember the recent layoff in TCS:( Choice is urs...
    option 1: TNPSC option 2: postal

  44. Whether noc need or not for certificate verification ( because am working in private bank) kindly tell frnds

  45. I got selected in pollachi division...and my cert ver is on march 5 there any prescried form for community certificate... And what all certificate should i carry with me...plz anyone help...

  46. Any one got date of joining?

  47. i got selection in rms t division...

  48. Amala manju Raja DuraiMarch 10, 2015 at 5:34 PM

    Hi friends kindly let me know did any of you get your appointment order after certificate verification when is the joining date


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