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February 03, 2015

3rd February 2015 - Important Current Affairs updates


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International Affairs
  • The UK is now set to become the first country to introduce laws to allow the creation of babies from three people.
    • In an historic move, MPs have voted in favour of the creation of babies with DNA from two women and one man.
    • In a free vote in the Commons, 382 MPs were in favour and 128 against the technique that stops genetic diseases being passed from mother to child.
    • During the debate, ministers said the technique was "light at the end of a dark tunnel" for families.
National Affairs
  • Madhya Pradesh awarded the 10th national award for excellent work in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA).
    • The award was presented to Madhya Pradesh Panchayats and Rural Development Minister Gopal Bhargava by the Union Rural Development Minister Virendra Singh at the MGNREGA summit held in New Delhi.
  • Punjab will issue Aadhaar-linked e-ration cards to ensure that only genuine beneficiaries get subsidised foodgrain.
    • Punjab is the first state in the country to have initiated the e-ration cards.
    • Punjab's Food and Civil Supplies Minister : Adesh Partap Singh Kairon
  • IRCTC has announced the new system and a new option to Book IRCTC Train Tickets through Cash on Delivery (COD) and launched a new website called
    • With the help of this new website, the booking system is more faster and efficient and even on low 2g networks customers can book the tickets very easily and fastly through its beta version.
    • This COD scheme has been launched on pilot basis and the service will be available in more than 200 cities initially. Customers can book a ticket 5 days prior to commencement of journey.
    • Rs 40 will be charged for the delivery of each Sleeper Class ticket, Rs 60 will be charged for an AC class ticket
  • Noted sculptor Mrinalini Mukherjee (65) passed away in New Delhi.
    • She was the first Indian artist whose work was displayed at the Sydney Biennale in 1986.
    • She was best known for her sculptures using knotted hemp fibre and cast bronzes.
Business & Economy
  • In an attempt to provide more liquidity to the banking system, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today reduced the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) by 50 basis points from 22 per cent to 21.5 per cent with effect from 7th February 2015. Check current RBI Rates from here.
    • This move is likely to pump in around Rs. 45,000 crore to the system, which is likely to prod banks to cut their lending rates.
    • Highlights of RBI's Sixth Bi-monthly Monetary Policy statement:
      • Short-term lending rate unchanged at 7.75 per cent.
      • Cash Reserve Ratio unchanged at 4 per cent.
      • Statutory Liquidity Ratio cut to 21.5 per cent, effective February 7, to unlock banking funds.
      • Current Account Deficit at 1.3 per cent of GDP for 2014-15.
      • Inflation target at 6 per cent by January 2016.
      • GDP growth estimates under old base for current fiscal at 5.5 per cent; 6.5 per cent for 2015-16.
      • Banks asked to lend to productive sector to spur investment, growth
      • Limit of foreign exchange remittance doubled to USD 2,50,000 per person annually
      • 72 application for Small Finance Banks, 41 for Payments Banks received
      • Export credit refinance to be replaced with provision of system level liquidity, effective February 7
      • Foreign portfolio investors allowed to re-invest in G-Secs after their investment limits are utilised
      • Bi-monthly policy statement for 2015-16 on 7th April 2015.
  • China has surpassed the United States as the top destination for foreign direct investment (FDI), a position held by the US for 11 year.
    • The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently published a report showing China had attracted USD 127.6 billion in foreign investment in 2014 compared to USD 86 billion invested by foreign businesses in the US.
New Appointments
  • Dr.Nandita Chatterjee took over as the new Secretary in the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA)
    • Her last assignment was as Member-Secretary, National Commission for Women.
  • 35th National Games
    • Olympian Vijayakumar strikes gold in the 25 metre pistol event
    • Jasvir Kaur breaks National record in 63 kg women category in Weightlifting.
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  1. sbi clerk ka final result kab tak ayega???

  2. Can anyone provide some study material of computer and insurance exam topics nicl assistant

  3. Any one had idea about NIACO ASST cut-off

  4. RESERVED IP ADDRESS Default network address Loopback Address Auto IP Address

    PRIVATE NETWORKS to 1 LAN to 16 LAN to 156 LAN

  5. hello akhil ,
    will they give us any option of selecting marketing at the time of interview or job...

  6. im from ap , interview held on 18th july ,training held at stc manglore from 26th aug- sept 7th

  7. first they give prference to karanataka people , that too people with family names hegde , bhat ..etc ,attend interview , dont select marketing as option interview , as one guy ll force u to choose tat. .bank is very good when marketing is not your job . salary is not less than any nationalised bank

  8. Thank u...akhil....:-) can u say that how much cutoff for AP while ur selection... As I am not had good attempts in written even I cleared the exam....

  9. yes thats true, they give prference people with family names hegde , bhat ..etc

  10. how much is the salary for PO???

  11. how much capital is required to be infused to implement basel 3 regulations?

  12. solve this
    Two candidates contested an election.Five percent of voters did not cast votes.The successful candidate won by 5100 votes, securing 48 % of total many votes were cast for elected candidate ?

  13. really tons of cheers for the information ..............................

  14. u r really bold dear.....dis was the best!!!
    ol d best

  15. Yes I didnt join ny coaching fr exam or interview.

  16. Madam ji all the best for ur future, without going to any class from where did u study this staffs.

  17. yeah , but a chief manager at the time of verification forces u to opt marketing ...

  18. Imp Appointment from 1-10 Jan:

    01 Jan. -Kishore Kumar Sansi appointed as MD and CEO of Vijaya Bank.

    02 Jan. - R.Koteeswaran appointed as MD and CEO of Indian Overseas Bank.

    02 Jan. - J.Y. Pillay, Indian origin re-appointed as top advisor to President of Singapore Tony Tan.

    02 Jan. - Kiran Bhai Vadodaria appointed as President of Indian Newspaper Society (INS)

    05 Jan. - Arvind Pangariya appointed as the Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog

    05 Jan. - Sutirtha Bhattacharya appointed as CMD of Coal India Limited.

    05 Jan. - 17 persons appointed as Brand Ambassadors of Swach Bharat Campaign by the Government of India

    06 Jan. - Keshari Nath Tripathi appointed as 19th Governor of Meghalaya

    07 Jan. - Atul Khare of India appointed as United Nations Under Secretary General, Department of Field Support

    10 Jan. - Sindhushree Khullar appointed as the CEO of NITI Aayog.

    Imp Appointment from 11-20 Jan:

    11 Jan. - Kolinda Garbar-Kitarovic became President of Croatia.

    12 Jan. - Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha appointed as Chief Justice of Bangladesh succeeded by Md. Muzammel

    12 Jan. - Alur Seelin Kiran Kumar appointed as Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation succeeded
    by K. Radhakrishnan.

    14 Jan. - Harishankar Brahma will become 19th Chief Election Commissioner of India.

    14 Jan. - Anupam Shrivastava appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)

    14 Jan. - Alur Seelin Kiran Kumar sworn-in as 8th Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

    16 Jan. - Baba Ramdev appointed as Brand Ambassador of State Government of Haryana to promote yoga and ayurveda
    in the State.

    16 Jan. - Deep Kumar Upadhyay appointed as Nepal’s ambassador to India

    17 Jan. - Ajay Devgan, Bollywood Actor appointed as SAARC HIV/AIDS Campaign Goodwill Ambassador.

    19 Jan. - Pahlaj Nihalani appointed as Chairman of Central Board of Film

    20 Jan. - Michael Nobbs appointed as Coach of Indian Hockey Team.

    Imp Appointment from 21-30 Jan:

    22 Jan. - R.V. Easwar appointed as Interim Chairman of Delhi and Districts Cricket Association

    25 Jan. - Divya Prakash Sinha appointed as Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat

    27 Jan. - K. Durga Prasad appointed as Special DG of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

    28 Jan. - Dr.S. Jaishankar appointed as Foreign Secretary succeeded by Sujatha Singh.

    29 Jan. - Shekhar Sen appointed as Chairman of Sangeet Natak Adademi succeeded by Leela Samson.

    30 Jan. - Hanumanthu Purushotham appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of National Research Development Corporation (NRDC)

  19. 112 only... May I can get 85 to 90.marks..

  20. they don't disclose any cut off marks , at the end of the day your performance , interviwer mood , luck matters . there is a panel headed by meera mam -GM of credit dept , the success ration ll be very low .

  21. what was ur attempts..

  22. 112.... My guess was 85 to 90 marks... :-(

  23. Is the applctn form is necessary at the time of intrvw....I didn't have its the link will active once more?

  24. winner got 48% vote of total cast mens losser get 100-(5+48)=47% vote
    so successful candidate(48%)-looser candidate(47%)=1%
    mens total vote cast for elected candidate = 5100X48=244800

  25. i am confused with the words "won by". so i thought the total votes got by him is 5100....., if u include, he won by getting 5100 more votes than the loser, i could be able to understand......,:)

  26. Hi kishan dis NAVEEN m also selected for Karnataka bank at tym of interview I given one residential address but now we r nt there we are shifted to other city there is any chance is there to change the address plz help me

  27. hi akhil,,,,r u from marketing background in your pg

  28. Please provide me the PDF version of January's current affairs 2015 .. Thank you :)

  29. Your selection is fixed... I guess before September...

  30. Better luck time are from which state?

  31. Sure it will be active during the time of interview... No worries...

  32. Hey Kishan, any idea of time gap between offer letter and date of joining?

  33. I guess 20 days not sure..

  34. Well that 20 contain training also?

  35. well experience specially with answers.

  36. Well they mention where they have been posted in the initial offer letter or we have to wait further?

  37. I would like to share this. Please don't give your feedback in Hindi. People who can't understand Hindi like me, its difficult. so try to give in English.

  38. We have to attend training after we receive offer letter right?

  39. very nice interview abha . i also get simple answer in simple language . thanks for sharing
    u will definitely in. best lucckkk.........

  40. Better luck next time are from which state?

  41. so informative
    thanks a lot

  42. Can somebdy xplain me wht is basel 2 n 3 n also d concept of tier 1 n 2 plzzzzz

  43. 1 %of X =5100
    now 48% of 510000 = 244800
    that wt we required

  44. What are your indvidual attempts and in maths specially

  45. Ma'm plz suggest source and strategy for next ibps exam

  46. Maths 15...Remains not exact remember.... All are 22 above....

  47. Thanks a lot!

    Can I make a request for probable GD topics for the upcoming SBI Associate PO GD sessions?

  48. DCCO- Date of Commencement of Commercial Operations
    The son of a wage labourers in Maharstra’s Solapur district, Mr. Nawaz Sheikh recently won the national logo design competition for centres new education policy.

  49. Maths 15... Remains not exactly remember.... But more than 21.

  50. I heard that we will receive 2 letters I.e confirmation letter and offer letter.. Is it true

  51. Best of luck abha..excelent.Abha if you don't mind do you have any idea about the caste certificate. Are they accepting only that formate which is issued by IBPS. Because I am also from Bihar and they are not giving the caste certificate in the ibps formate. help me.

  52. I also applied from delhi center.

  53. Oh thats where i lost i attempted 13 in maths. Remaining more than 30,

  54. Sorry I hav no idea abt it. I'm from gen category

  55. Have to wait to see how I am lucky :)

  56. Abha ur banking concept are very clear..

  57. if we selected as officer scale-1 .... do v hv to sign bond?

  58. What do you mean by computer proficiency test in insurance exams? What we have to prepare for that?

  59. Sardha scam :::
    The Saradha Group financial scandal was a major financial scam and political scandal caused by the collapse of a Ponzi scheme run by Saradha Group, a consortium of over 200 private companies that was believed to be running collective investment schemes popularly .....imp for interview

  60. Hope for the best .Wishes with u.

  61. Hi kishan this is sowmya..from ap.i am selected for karnataka interview held in 13-1-15 ..and i am in first pls tel me when they provide joining letters..

  62. Hey guys,
    All those who have attended clerk interview can u share what was asked in PI.. Also if some of you know what questions might be asked for KBL officers in PI. (or may be you can ask ur frndz working in KBL and share it here :)

  63. so is it only in case of "marketing" in KBL officers or any officer? And how many years bond for officers?


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