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November 18, 2014

General Awareness Quiz for SBI Associates Clerical Exams - Set 22


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  1. On 25th October 2014, the President of India Pranabh Mukherjee has released a commemorative Postage Stamp on Anagarika Dharmapala, a joint stamp issue of India and Sri Lanka. Dharmapala is ?
    1. Srilankan Poet and Singer
    2. Peace Maker
    3. A Buddhist Revivalist and Writer
    4. Film Actor
    5. Freedom Fighter
  2. 2014 Indian science congress summit was held in ?
    1. Andhra Pradesh
    2. Jammu and Kashmir
    3. UP
    4. Rajasthan
    5. West Bengal
  3. The government of India has revised the creamy layer criteria for OBC from Rs. 4.5 lakh per annum to ?
    1. 5 lakh per annum
    2. 9 lakh per annum
    3. 10 lakh per annum
    4. 12 lakh per annum
    5. 6 lakh per annum
  4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th June 2014 unveiled a new book titled "Getting India Back on Track : An Action Agenda for Reform". The book basically carries a series of papers on different areas for presentation to the new government arguing out the case for the reforms that would be necessary to get India back on track. Who are the editors of this book ?
    1. Salman Khurshid and Laxmi Roy
    2. Amartya Sen and Arun Jaitely
    3. Jairam Ramesh and Ratan N Tata
    4. Brendon Faser and Munro Murdoch
    5. Bibek Debroy, Ashley J. Tellis and Reece Trevor
  5. An increase in CRR by RBI leads to ?
    1. Decrease in lendable resources
    2. Increase in deposit
    3. Increase in lendable resources 
    4. Decrease in deposits 
    5. None of these
  6. Which of the following banks is classified under the Public Sector Banks ?
    1. ICICI Bank
    2. IDBI Bank 
    3. Axis Bank
    4. ING Vysya Bank
    5. Karnataka Bank
  7. The minimum amount to be remitted through RTGs is ? (in rupees)
    1. 1 lakh
    2. 2 lakhs
    3. 3 lakhs
    4. 4 lakhs
    5. There is no minimum amount
  8. Hirakud Dam is built across which of the following rivers ?
    1. Ganga
    2. Yamuna
    3. Mahanadi
    4. Godavari
    5. Saraswathi
  9. "Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists" is written by ?
    1. C. Rangarajan
    2. Bimal Jalan
    3. Y. V. Reddy
    4. Raguram Rajan
    5. None of these
  10. Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) recommends ?
    1. State Advised Price
    2. Comfort Price
    3. Minimum Export Price
    4. Minimum Support Price
    5. None of these
  11. The RBI has recently issued the guidelines to allow the minors to independently open and operate savings bank accounts and use other facilities like ATM and cheque books. According to RBI guidelines the minors age should be above ?
    1. 15 years
    2. 13 years
    3. 12 years
    4. 10 years
    5. 18 years
  12. India cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sahara Adventure Sports Limited bought Ranchi-franchise of Hockey Indian League (HIL). What is the name of this team ?
    1. Ranchi Tigers
    2. Ranchi Rockers
    3. Ranchi Rivals 
    4. Ranchi Rays
    5. Ranchi Rock-stars
  13. Recently, Tennis player Maria Sharapova has claimed her second French Open title in 2014. Maria Sharapova is from ?
    1. United States
    2. Russia
    3. France
    4. Romania
    5. Bulgaria
  14. The Unit 1 of the Kundankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNNPP) crossed the much-awaited milestone of 1,000 MW 2014. What unique achievement was made by KKNPP on this occasion ?
    1. It became India's first unit to produce 1,000 MW electricity 
    2. It became India's second unit to produce 1,000 MW electricity
    3. It became India's third unit to produce 1,000 MW electricity
    4. It became India's first unit to produce 1,500 MW electricity
    5. It became India's fourth unit to produce 1,000 MW electricity 
  15. Which country would become the 19th Member of Eurozone nad the last Baltic nation to adopt the euro on 1st January 20115 as announced by the European Commission on 4th June 2014 ?
    1. Rumania
    2. Tasmania
    3. Lithuania
    4. Tanzania
    5. Virginia
  16. Which state scored the highest in monthly per capita consumer expenditure (MPCE) report rankings for urban areas which was released during March 2014 by the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) ?
    1. Kerala
    2. Telangana
    3. Uttarakhand
    4. Haryana
    5. Madhya Pradesh
  17. What is the code name given for the military exercise conducted by the Indian Army in the desert of Rajasthan, recently ?
    1. Desert Fox
    2. Sarvada Vijay
    3. Garuda
    4. Samrat Shakti
    5. None of these
  18. Which country won this year's World Champion titles in table tennis for both men's and women's teams ?
    1. South Korea
    2. Japan
    3. Malaysia
    4. China
    5. India
  19. Which country won this year's China Open titles (Badminton) for both Men's and Women's ?
    1. South Korea
    2. Japan
    3. Malaysia
    4. China
    5. India
  20. What is Short Selling in Stock Marketing ?
    1. Selling the Shares which you do not own
    2. Selling a share after owning it for a short period of time
    3. Selling a share after owning it for a long period of time
    4. Selling of shares which are quoted for a short period of time
    5. None of these
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  1. HELO MAM please upload for ibps clerk GK related capsule

  2. MAM please upload for ibps clerk GK related capsule

  3. what is news for Reserved list po-3 clerk-3 ?

  4. Bhagirath Sinh JadejaNovember 18, 2014 at 2:03 PM

    last ques
    how can we sell shares which we not hold
    anybody can explain ?

  5. shravan kumar VarikotiNovember 18, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    i am unable to download the hr officer study material can any one plz help me my mail id

  6. nice collection...upload more stuff...:)

  7. 15/20 so sad

  8. I'm also waiting

  9. waooooooooooo....clapps for him:)

  10. LIC ADO job is like private job, if you not perform target, they will throw you out like dog... just imagine, if u get throwed out at your 40th age.. what u will do that time?

  11. mam plz upload gk capsul for ibps clk.... bcz mu exam in 6-dec plzzzzzzz

  12. Please provide all the general awarness related topics for ibps clerk together in study that we can study it again and again.....

  13. Ga team ve already posted d ibps po and clerical quick reference guide.pls check d old posts...

  14. Some GA Bits -
    1. cold desert biosphere reserve - Himachal Pradesh
    2. Saakshar Bharat Awards given on - Sept 8 (Int. Literacy Day)
    3. R.A. Mashelkar - to head an expert panel for 'swach bharat'
    4. Panel laid by M.S.Sahoo proposed a new class of securities , ' Bharat Depository Receipts (BhDRs)
    5. New inflation index - producer price index to replace WPI . Headed by Prof. B.N .Goldar
    6.18th SAARC summit theme - Deeper integration for peace , prosperity .
    7. India re-elected to United Nations Economic and Social Council.
    8. China world's largest economy in PPP terms . (purchasing power parity)

  15. anyone please tell me ibps clerk me final selection ke liye written me kitne marks hone chahiye ??

  16. Sometimes we dun ve d shares bt v ve an option to sell it bt agn v need to buy d same amt d same day or it goes for auction.n u ll ve 2 pay a penalty.
    Mainly it is done wen u thnk dat prces of stok might go u sell n buy it agn to earn profit. Hope u understud

  17. excellent..
    Why don't u prepare for RBI officer exam.

  18. In ap 193 is top 185 is not top

  19. any1 pls tell me what is market space and market size???

    AP 111
    ASSAM 67
    BIHAR 111
    CG 89
    DELHI 99
    GUJRAT 66
    HARYANA 102
    J^ K 107
    KERLA 109
    MP 107
    MAHA 70
    MANIPUR 69
    ODISHA 110
    PUNJAB 95
    UP 101
    WB 105

  21. MAM question number 12 answer is wrong new name is RANCHI RAYS

  22. Thanks a ton ibps clerk exam is on 13th dec, so lots of gk capsules needed. Thanx a ton

  23. vry imp points ..thanks :)

  24. Bhagirath Sinh JadejaNovember 18, 2014 at 4:15 PM

    option in ans is really confusing

  25. all d bst..

  26. thanks a lot team..

  27. from the above score table total =186 but it shows as 185
    how it is possible?

  28. IBPS PO result date..?

  29. mam please banking awareness ke liye koi notes upload kriye jisme sab kuch include ho .. ab 70% questions banking se aa rahe h

  30. Option duzn imply derivatives here.wht i meant was if an individual wants he can sell before n buy later 2 earn profit.simplr

  31. mam please banking awareness ke liye koi notes upload kriye jisme sab kuch include ho .. ab 70% questions banking se aa rahe h .

  32. Do you have any idea about scale 1 highest?

  33. Yr mera to 145 hi hai up me gen ka

  34. Really 193 hey provide roll number and dob

  35. Total Weighted Score = Scores obtained in (Reasoning x 1.25 + Numerical Ability x 1.25 + General Awareness x 1.00 + English Language/ Hindi Language x 1.00 + Computer Knowledge x 0.50)

  36. sir i ve cleared IBPS RRB 2014 can i apply for this or only 2013 batch can apply

  37. Tell me pls do you know ap category wise highest marks in rrb asst exam

  38. your awesome bro................

  39. 12 ans is Ranchi Rhinos

  40. I can see only one set of HR practice set, Pls share more practice sets....

  41. Can anyone please tell me why didn't they mention marks for english subject in lic aao exam pattern??

  42. frnd because eng marks r nt counted....u only need to pass it with min marks..


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