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October 14, 2014

Interview Experience of SBI PO 2014


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Hi friends,

I am Mandeep Kaur from Chandigarh. Here I am sharing my SBI Probationary Officers interview experience dated 9th October 2014. Though I wanted to share my experience that day itself but I got a little busy so here's how it went:

Name : Mandeep Kaur

Education Qualification : B.E (CSE)

Interview Date : 9th October 2014

Interview Venue : Chandigarh

I was to report at 8 am. When i reached document verification was being done so I got my documents verified and around 10 am we began with the GD. The GD was not like all other GDs that usually take place with fierce competitive spirit, it was more of expressing views and everybody had to speak something atleast once, so everybody got a turn and language was not an issue, we could use English or Hindi as desired. I spoke 3 times that's the maximum one could manage there. And the discussion lasted about 45-50 mints.

The panel was good they were not intimidating So it was fine.
Then the interviews began around 11 20. Mine was 2nd Number so I din't have to wait much.
I entered and greeted the panel. They asked to be seated. They asked me which language I was comfortable with So i said English. No introduction or anything was asked. The lady asked me Why insurance is necessary (Since I am working in General Insurance Sector currently) which I explained. Then some other panel member asked what is the favorite line of insurers which they put in every advertisement and i was like OK I dont know this in my head. I said every insurer has different motto , he said no then he gave me this sentence- Insurance is a subject matter of ---------- Solicitation i filled in. Then he strted to laugh and asked me what is this solicitation (This is something that I should be knowing , but i didn't.... ) So i apologized and told that I did not know this. (I came back home and googled it i am still not understanding what it means something related to trust and guard)

Then they asked me a little about ULIP, I knew the concept but but had forgotten the full form. To which one member said she is not from LIC dont ask these questions. :P

Then there was a question on Planning Commission being scrapped off and who is the Deputy Chairman..... This I explained fine I hope

Then I had attached an extra sheet for my extra curricular, the panel was very amused that she has so may extra curriculars. They pointed that out

Asked me what is NRI which I knew then he asked what is OCI on the same lines I said I cannot recall it ryt now. They started to smile that I live in Punjab I should know all this :P. I said I must have heard it then but I cannot recall it ryt now. and I smiled.... So even if you dont know something you can give an apologetic smile (little not that you start laughing :P)

Then one question for reasons for celebration at ISRO. I explained Mangalyan Mission. Why it was different. This was good.

Then they asked me why are you coming to banking side you have Saturday off. You will have to work more here, transfers and all. So i explained to him what all my reasons were. And the panel seemed satisfied.

So it was more of a general discussion, I believe interviews are more to check your confidence and body language than to check your GK. So one slip here and there doesn't make a difference. And it is absolutely not possible for anyone to know everything. Overall my experience was good. I am trying to stay positive rest is upto God

I extend my good wishes to all the candidates who are to appear for the interview, nothing to worry about, Just put your best foot forward and May the best Man/Woman win :) All the best mates

Also I want to extend a BIG THANX to the Gr8Ambitionz team, Great work is being done by this team. I am such a huge FAN of this site. It is so inspiring and so knowledge giving. It has helped me a lot. This team is helping so many aspirants I have shared this URL with so many people I know. May God bless the team :) 

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  1. Suggest me some books for DI nd hw to improve calc speed

  2. Thanx for sharing ur experience

  3. thanks a lot mandeep :) all the best

  4. Nice Good Experience :)

  5. Thanks For Share Mandeep Ji

  6. Can u give me the reasons for the q.n "why r u coming to banking side?"

  7. *Banking is one of the fastest growing sector
    *Job security is the main reason
    *Serving society gives satisfaction

  8. Thanx a lot team gr8ambitionz

  9. dibyajyoti satapathyOctober 14, 2014 at 7:05 PM

    Sir and madam i want to join the discussion team.if u will tell me how to join in the group then i will thankful to u very fastly

  10. suggest for di and high level resoning

  11. thanks a lot gr8 team ... what is the difference between average income and GDP

  12. GDP is the value ,the nation produces divided per person and average income is the average of national income per person..

  13. Thank you very much.
    Please conduct some more quizzes I have exam on 19th.

  14. 4th bimstec summit in not bhutan.... it's Nepal

  15. Average income and per capita income are one and the same.OK let me give brief about all these terms.There are four indicative terms to determine the development of country,those are GDP,GNP and they are both at market prices and factor costs. GDP means the entire value of goods and services in particular boundaries,and GNP means national income disposed by both resident and non resident nationals of a country.between GDP and GNP the former is considered as the better indicator of a country's development because the later merely depends on the factors of the host country rather home.

  16. Good post admin,as SSC exam is coming like Hudhud cyclone,we should prepare and plan our mitigation strategies and requesting you to post most related information for SSC-CGL up to 26th of this month,later we will go for SBI stuff.And urging you to frame separate Quick reference guide for SSC exam.Thank you

  17. satya narayan mishraOctober 14, 2014 at 8:27 PM


  18. satya narayan mishraOctober 14, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    ans of 18 ques will be Nepal

  19. question 18 ka answer nepal hoga

  20. 10/20 what material i have to read to improve in this section

  21. you will collect quick reference guide from and read the last one month-daily current affairs from tis site. i think that's enough. read magazines like bsc and pd

  22. no..saarc is at nepal..this bimstec is at bhutan

  23. admin, m havng my exam on 18th mng session.
    wat shd i b practising in d tym left in ur opinion ,as m vry confused, keeping in mind the level of exams olready happened ?
    pls advise me..i ll b vry thankful to u..

  24. Some Imp capital and currency (on basis of recent activities) :
    Country Capital Currency
    1. Liberia : Monrovia Liberian Dollar
    2. Nigeria : Abuja Naira
    3. Sierra Leone : Freetown Leone
    4. Guinea : Conakry , Guinea Franc
    5. D.R of Congo : Kinhasa , Congolese Franc
    6. Bhutan : Thimpu , Ngultrum
    7. Japan : Tokyo , yen
    8. Myanmar : Naypyidaw , Kyat
    9. Ukraine : Kiev , Hryvnia .

    Hopefully this bit will be useful for 18/10 and 19/10 (including mine on 18)
    ty :)

  25. BIMSTEC 2015-NEPAL

  26. 4th BIMSTEC Summit will be held at Kathmandu, Nepal. That's confirmed.

  27. how do u get all the informations from?

  28. 4m internet,, regular reading is a must if u want to hv comand on gk


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