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October 02, 2014

IBPS and SBI Assocaites Clerks Online Practice Tests 2014 : English Language


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Useful Tips :
  1. Correction of sentences is completely dependent on Verbs, Tenses, Active and Passive Voice. Focus more on them, else you may not able to recognize errors in a particular sentence. 
  2. For Vocabulary, it is advised to read more Synonyms and Antonyms.
Directions : (Q 1 - 10) : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5).
  1. Wise and experienced (1) / managers are (2)/ well versed in (3)/ principles of management (4) / No error (5).
  2. The use of Internet has brought (1)/ forward dramatic improvements in (2)/ organizational efficiency (3)/ and customer satisfaction. (4)/ No error (5).
  3. For great many people (1)/ in this world (2)/ hoarding money (3)/ has been main concern. (4) / No error (5).
  4. The management has shown (1)/ little patience. (2)/ That is the reason (3)/ they avert a strike. (4) / No error (5).
  5. Confidence is the (1)/ first step to lie the foundation stone (2)/ of your defined success (3)/ to reach your cherished goals. (4) / No error (5).
  6. Rani said to her son, (1)/ "Firstly wash your hands and feet (2)/ and then (3)/ start taking lunch". (4) / No error (5).
  7. The bank charges (1)/ according to the number of (2)/ cheques cleared through the account (3)/  and the credit balances. (4) / No error (5).
  8. The candidates who have  (1)/ underwent training (2)/ for a period of six months (3)/ will be eligible to get absorbed into the organization. (4) / No error (5).
  9. The workers went on hauling across (1)/ the heavy boulder (2)/ when the supervisor (3)/ asked them to stop. (4) / No error (5).
  10. The director has ordered (1)/ the clerk to bring (2)/ all the correspondence (3)/ associated to all the clients. (4) / No error (5).
Directions (1 to 5) : In the following questions, a sentence has been given with some of its part in bold. To make the sentence correct, you have to replace the bold part with the correct alternative given below. If the sentence is correct as it is, give (5) as your answer. 
  1. Being seen the result in the paper, the mother was happy.
    1. Having been seen the result
    2. Being saw the result
    3. Having seen the result
    4. Being see the result
    5. No correction required  
  2. Had the government not sent the life-boat, the tourists would have drowned in the river. 
    1. Would have been drowned
    2. are being drowned
    3. would drown
    4. will drown
    5. No correction required  
  3. The boy rushed back to his school in search for his lost bag. 
    1. in search for a 
    2. in search of 
    3. in the search of 
    4. on search for
    5. no correction required
  4. Only about 5% of India's 6 lakh villages have bank branches 
    1. had bank branches
    2. have been having bank branches
    3. are having bank branches
    4. will have bank branches
    5. No correction required  
  5. I look upon all my friends with equal love and affection. 
    1. look at
    2. look over
    3. look into
    4. look with
    5. No correction required  
Directions (1 - 5) : The following questions consists of a single sentence with one blank only. You are given six words as answer choices and form the six choices you have to pickup two correct answers, either of which will make the sentence meaningfully complete. 
  1. If you want to become an IAS officer, you must read _________ history
      • A) Modern
      • B) Old
      • C) Ancient
      • D) Recently
      • E) Latest
      • F) Current
    1. A and B
    2. C and D
    3. D and A
    4. A and C
    5. A and F
  2. He is a man of ___________. Hence he is appreciated by all.
      • A) acumen
      • B) abberation
      • C) deterioration
      • D) dexterity
      • E) churlishness
      • F) hostility
    1. A and D
    2. B and A
    3. C and D
    4. A and E
    5. B and F
  3. The work has reached ____________ of perfection.
      • A) annexation
      • B) mitigation
      • C) acme
      • D) penetration
      • E) pinnacle
      • F) conglomeration
    1. A and B
    2. B and C
    3. E and D
    4. C and E
    5. A and D
  4. The boy is famous for his ___________ disposition. 
      • A) ingenuous
      • B) deceitful
      • C) truthful
      • D) eloquent
      • E) spurious
      • F) cunning
    1. A and B
    2. C and B
    3. E and F
    4. A and C
    5. D and A
  5. The ornament is ___________ with diamonds.
      • A) embittered
      • B) animated
      • C) strengthened
      • D) hampered
      • E) embellished
      • F) bedecked
    1. A and C
    2. E and F
    3. D and F
    4. C and A
    5. A and D
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