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October 18, 2014

IBPS PO IV Online Exam Reviews dated 18th October 2014


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Review shared by Ramkumar 

Hi Friends,
I am Ramkumar  from Chennai.
I have planned my time before starting the exam.
My target was
  • Computer-5mins
  • General Awarness-15mins
  • English -25mins
  • Reasoning -35mins
  • Quans-35mins 5mins for correction
Everything went well when I started my exam at 10.00AM. I have completed only 5 questions in Computer, the system got hanged. Instructor restarted the system and again started the exam and again it got hanged. Then I moved to next room. It became a nightmare for few members in the room.

I have completed my Computer part within 5mins because these are all direct questions. Only two things are going to happen whether i know the answer or not. If i know the answer i will mark or else i will move to next part. Like that i have completed 19 questions out of 20. (100% accuracy)

Then i moved to GA. I have attempt only 32 out of 40. (95% accuracy)

The most important questions were "White Label ATM"-who got the permission (TATA) from the RBI recently.
I think remaining questions were shared by other members.

I have started my English part at 10.21 and it continues upto 10.55 AM.THanks for Great Ambition site because i have attended jumbled sentence this time because i always scared of this this I have attended Cloze test(10),Spot error(5),jumpled sentence(4),passage(7) and synonyms and antonyms -totally 30.

At 10.55 i started Reasoning part and it is a lengthy one.i took 35 mins and i could able to do 19 only.Inequalities(5),Input/output(5),Syllogisms(5) and linear arrangement(4).

At 11.30 i started my Quant part and i was bit nervous because im running out of my time by 10mis which i have planned earlier.i could able to do DI(10) and number series(3),Equations(5).

I feel bit worrying about Quant part and i was sure about 12 questions only.

I have attempted 118 questions all of them 95% correct (except Quant) Quant part it would be 80% accuracy.

Review shared by Pradeep Kumar

Dear friends,

Myself, Pradeep kumar from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Today I gave exam of ibps po - iv morning session. Please find below review of my exam.

First i attend G.K. as usual i planed and allocate 10 minutes for this section but i took 13 minutes and done 31 question ( with 95% accuracy).

Then I attend Computer section and done 19 question ( with 90% accuracy) and took 7 minutes. now i was running as per my plan.

Next i attend English section and done 22 question ( with 90% accuracy) and now time was remaining 80 minutes.

Till now everything was going as per my plan. next i attend  reasoning section & done 26 question but now only 32 minutes were remain.

I move to Q.A. section as i last year level of question are high to moderate. I done 12 questions ( with 95% accuracy) due to i am not proficient in maths and this my weaker zone and less time remain.

I am very disappointed from my efforts in maths . I could done more 5 to 7 questions in maths but i couldn't.

My total attempt was 110.

Well, Now I am waiting of result. I hope Q.A. cutoff should be 10 or less.

Anyway, Thank u shivani mam for your best effort keep it up.

Review shared by Suresh Choudhary
Hi Friends, my paper was ohk
Pdf for IBPS PO helped alot
Paper was moderate..i attempted 129 question
  • Quant 23
  • Reasoning 31
  • GA 29
  • English 28
  • Computers 18
this time the syllogism section was different and DI was quite easy

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  1. Hi Friends
    i am going to share my today's experience,
    I think this will you lot

    Math- Difficult- Moderate
    1. DI some question is easy some calculative.(15Q, 4 set)
    2. time and distance, Time and work,Boat,Percentage,Share and ratio type quiz they asked, these type of lengthy quiz you can see in BSC publication M-TYRA(10)
    3.Series question , one one is wrong type(5)
    4.Data sufficiency(5)
    5. Inequality
    Suggestion for good score

    Solve BSC publication M- TYRA, they are giving question like that.
    Reasoning - Difficult- Moderate
    1. Syllogism - easy but they asked which is not following(5)
    2. Inequality - easy -(5)
    3. Course of action (5)
    4. Assumption (5) lengthy statement
    5. Data sufficiency (5) lengthy statement
    6. Machine Code -moderate (7)
    7. Direction - moderate (3)
    8. setting arrangement - difficult around squire table (5)
    9. Flat residence type - difficult, 7 people, different job , different company (5)
    10. big statement given what was the percentage people doing different activity male female percentage given and asked there ratio , percentage etc - difficult (5)

    Computer - Easy -Keep basics

    English- Moderate
    1. Two passage(20) - both related to economy
    One related to world Inflation last time . Second i am not able to remember.
    2. Synonyms and antonyms are easy
    3. Sentence correction easy(5)
    4. Cloze Sentence related to work force immigration on world level (10)
    5. Sentence rearrangement - difficult (5)

    GA - Moderate

  2. Very Nice Reviews.Thank u. All the best

  3. three of you are great.....good luck!!

  4. Thanks for ur reviews guys...hwz the di ques in evng shift...?

  5. What to do for maths???how speed up calculations??

  6. hi friends i had attended ibps po on october 12 2014 afternoon session my attempts are
    1)aptitude-11(100% accuracy)
    2)reasoning-12(100% accuracy)
    3)computer-17(100% accuracy)
    4)general awareness(17 attended in which 4 were wrong)
    5)english-18(70% accuracy)
    is there any chance that i will get a chance for interview since i belong to unreserved category

  7. i attempted 97 question with 99% accuracy in today mrng shift.

  8. good reviews and also good attempt...

  9. Hello frnds thank very much for sharing and al the best

  10. Hai iam manoj from vijayawada ..I have attempted 169 questions with 95percent accuracy....8801548495

  11. rly......i mean how....???

  12. Hi Reddy Raja i m frm Madanapalle... may i have ur mailid or phone num plz??

  13. bhagwan ka naam lekar lol

  14. yup but mr manoj is funnier than me ..169 in ibps po lol

  15. hi aiswarya.did u quit frm BA?why?

  16. Good attempt and review dintwry u guys will qualify for interview.

  17. bas bas ..don't laugh so much

  18. bhai logo jo bhi bol rha h k mane 150 kiye mns wo bhul jaye is br to n strt prep 4 nxt yr.... frnd dnt b tnsnd 4m others views.......prep well n try ur best n blv urself.

  19. well done guys and all the best for tmrw guys :)

  20. Good attempt guys...thanks a lot for sharing reviews...good luck to all of u

  21. can u plz tell me that the total cut off (not section wise)of all the exams like po or clerk is with including interview marks?for ex last year total cut off for sbi clerk exam was 119.whether it includes inteview marks?r

  22. tomorrow is my exam and too much nervous....feeling tensed for quanti because everyone is saying it is tough

  23. aisa kuch nahi hai either thy r true or not just give ur best.....with gr8ambition guide. u will score better ,good luck

  24. nice reviews....specially Ram :)
    u time management is good man.

  25. Is der any problem while IBPS-PO document verification ,if we filed female as gender in place of male ?
    Kindly reply

  26. can't copy anything from here?????????

  27. Thanks alot. pls upload more aptitude papers for ibps clerks 2014

  28. 2-7= -5,
    8-9= -1,
    4-5= -1,
    less the diff. btween den and num ...greater the fraction
    then largest fraction should be either 8/9 or 4/5
    now which one has the larget num r den it will be d largest fraction.

  29. same of above ans will apllied here to find out the smallest and largest fractions among them.

  30. cant tell you how useful was it for me.. i learnt and understood the logic within seconds. great job.... and i must say giving the real time example was the best part to associate maths with real life.......... thank you very much sir.. hats off for the one who wrote these easy ways.........

  31. Have Patience and faith dear...You can do nothing but this..I ve scored 162 ,still I have a huge huge doubt of luck..:)


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