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July 05, 2014

English Grammar Exercises for IBPS Online Exams


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Directions (1 to 5): Fill up the blanks with suitable words from the options given below to make a meaningful sentence.
  1. Pragathi, having _____________ to food, _______________ behind the curtain unnoticed by others.
    1. thrown, came
    2. cooked, stood
    3. brought, taken
    4. eaten, drank
    5. digested, looked

  2. The king said that his subjects were very ___________ and deserve his____________
    1. humble, grace
    2. faithful, face
    3. obedient, punishment
    4. wanted, nobility
    5. new, job

  3. The ________________ wealth a man posses, the ___________ comforts he has
    1. lesser, stronger
    2. higher, bigger
    3. bigger, better
    4. greater, larger
    5. much, larger

  4. He is such a ________ person that everyone ______________ him
    1. treacherous, praises
    2. funny, riduculous
    3. trust-worthy, laudes
    4. good, laughs at
    5. fascinating, despises

  5. For his _____________ he __________ on his own farming.
    1. subsistence, depends
    2. wealth, carry
    3. pastime, went
    4. existence, continued
    5. income, depend

Meanings of difficult words :
  • Nobility = greatness
  • Treacherous = having tendency to do harm
  • Ridicule = to laugh at
  • Laud = praise
  • Fascinating = attractive
  • Despise = to look down upon
  • Subsistence = existence
  • Pastime = entertainment
Directions (Q. 6 to 10) : The following questions consist of a single sentence with one blank only. You are given six words denoted by A, B, C, D, E and F as answer choices and from the six choices, you have to pick two correct answers either of which will make the sentence meaningfully complete.

6. The State Bank of India  announced the results ___________ Monday evening
A) Upcoming
B) Ensuing
C) Late
D) Passed
E) Last
F) Forthcoming
  1. A and C
  2. C and F
  3. B and D
  4. C and E
  5. B and E

7. Lal Bahadur Shastri ___________ that honesty is the best policy.
A) Asks
B) Believes
C) Notifies
D) Denounces
E) Degeneartes
F) Says
  1. A and B
  2. B and F
  3. C and D
  4. D and E
  5. E and F

8. While aural quality has been enhanced with electronic back up,  the emphasis is on acoustic instruments played by _____________ classical musicians.
A) Curcial
B) Prominent
C) Youngest
D) Famous
E) Critical
F) Permanent
  1. A and B
  2. B and F
  3. B and D
  4. C and D
  5. C and E

9. His negligence is ___________ in his actions.
A) Conspicuous
B) Callous
C) Antique
D) Antagonistic
E) Apparant
F) Wild
  1. A and C
  2. C and D
  3. A and E
  4. E and F
  5. B and A

10. There was a ______________ response from all sections of people to make the programme a grand success.
A) Upright
B) Spontaneous
C) Immaculate
D) Voluntary
E) Smart
F) Feigned
  1. C and D
  2. B and D
  3. E and F
  4. A and C
  5. C and F

Meanings of difficult words :
  • Ensuing = Coming
  • Forthcoming =Coming
  • Denounce = Criticize
  • Degenerate = Come down
  • Aural = Pertaining to the ear
  • Acoustic = Relating to the sound
  • Conspicuous = Clear
  • Callous = Indifferent
  • Antique = Ancient
  • Antagonistic = An Opponent
  • Apparant = Clear
  • Upright = Honest
  • Immaculate = Clear
  • Feigned = Pretend
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  1. thank you gr8ambitionz

  2. very gud ques thanks a lot

  3. mam can u please post a detailed article on how rbi governs the currency flow in india and how does it calculate the amount of money to be printed? i read some information from other sites but didn't get clarity.your explations are clear and easy to understand on all topics.can you please help me in this topic

  4. Thanx. U made it more fruitful by adding meaning of the difficult words as well.

  5. Thnx mam nice one.mam can u post some jumbled sentences .

  6. Good Afternoon madam,

    Pls solve my problem,I am obc candidate, I want to apply in rrb(bank) from maharastra should i apply from obc or from gen category which is best?(in which category competition is less)

  7. I Got 8 answers correct out of 10..


  8. i want to know about the expan of the age of RRB 2014 -SCALE I.
    there is age last year ibps po age were expand 30...any news or strike being to
    increse the age or not,,it will be very helpful if student will do strike or something for it..

    please do aware those student who could not apply till now ..last date is 9th july,,

  9. you guys are doing wonderful work..thank you soooo much guys.......great help

  10. Todays exam review. .
    Pls update someone. ...
    Tomorrow's my sbi po xam....

    1. hello frnd Im frm Delhi and I had my exam today in the evening shift

      and I tell you the data interpretation section was really tough in

      terms of calculations

      English -
      some of the words

      find the pair which is same or opposite

      general awareness -
      FIFA stamps were released by the PM
      Permitted currency by RBI means - freely convertible currency
      National skill development Council/Corporation(Ans)/Authority
      The substance and the Shadow - book on Dilip Kumar
      RBI can issue currency in the denomination not exceeding - 10,000
      For nuclear weapons testing - supercomputers are used
      Heena Sidhu - shooter
      2 qns on marketing segmentation
      instructions are temporarily stored in
      windows explorer is a internet browser/ web browser?
      device which recognises pencil mark - ocr
      the cheapest city to live in Delhi / Mumbai/singapore etcc..

      data interpretion=
      5 - 6 qns each on line graph, multiple bar graps, tables and except

      these thr is one puzzle
      a school has rooms of dffrnt sizes-
      circle , rectangle , square, triangle
      side of the square = 1/24 (perimeter of circle)
      right angled triangle with base and height same and base/height = half

      of perimeter of rectangle
      perimeter of the circle = 22 times of tht of perimeter of square
      height of all the rooms = 14m
      cost at some rs per meter square for tiling the rectangular room is

      on these things 5-6 qns given finf the cost of tiling the triangular

      room etc..

      reasoning =
      seating arrangement, linear arrangement (some facing north some

      south), syllogism (easy ones) , conclusions, data sufficiency etcc...


      letter to the bank managr for home loan
      letter to your frnd descriing him abt your holiday trip
      letter to the editor of tne newspaper for informinh sbt the slow speed

      of the contractor for nullas in yr society ad the inconvenience caused

      comprehension on 4 type of organizations and corporations C. S General

      and Limited

      paragraph -

      we can choose our friends but not our neighbours. what are the

      qualities of a good neighbour

      1> happiness of vacations snathed frm the young children due to camps.
      2> a large populaton including engineers is unemployable. suggest

      measures to control.

      this is all fr now I remember.
      I suggest you to first do at least 10 - 10 qs from the DI and

      reasoning part then the english and GK and make sure to spare some

      time to touch back DI and reasoning sections.

      All the best


  11. Todays sbi po xam review. .
    pls update someone. .

  12. Once again Gr8 work team. Thanks a million. :D

  13. questions on marketing like retail agents niche marketing product development .Computer OMR Input output in Reasoning .greater than less than questions in reasoning assumptions causes

  14. I only prepare Gr8AmbitionZ updates for my banking exams..


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