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June 05, 2014

SBI PO Letter Writing Tips & Examples - Complaint Letters


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If you have received poor service or have been dissatisfied with a product / person, you can write to the company / organization involved to make a complaint. To get the result you want, such as a refund or proper service
  • Let them know exactly what you’re complaining about, without using emotional or abusive language. No need to show your anger. Don’t ever react in typical Indian style (like Kuttey, Kameney.. mein tera khoon peejaunga). No matter how serious the issue is… you should start your letter with “Sir / Madam”
  • Explain clearly who you are in relation to the company / organization (eg. “I am an XYZ customer”).
  • Give specific location, time and date if appropriate.
  • Make it clear what you would like them to do in response.
  • You might also want to include a warning, such as “If this is not resolved, I will be forced to take my business elsewhere.”
Throughout your letter of complaint, your tone should be polite but assertive. Don’t make ridiculous threats or demand an unreasonable compensation but also don’t be afraid to tell them about the inconvenience or financial loss that you’ve suffered. Now let's have a look at an example complaint letter.
Question : Write a letter to the Manager, Road Transport Organization, complaining about the bad behavior of a conductor. 

Jangalavari Street,
5th June 2014.

The Manager,
R. T. C. Bus Depot,


I wish to inform you an incident that happened on 1st June 2014. I happened to be one of the passengers in the bus No. APX 5512. The bus was scheduled to start at 8:45 AM from Visakhapatnam. The conductor came quite leisurely at 9:15 AM. He started issuing tickets very slowly at 9:15 AM. I pointed out to him that he was already behind schedule. He began to frown upon me. Some of my co-passengers tried to persuade him to be calm. But he would go on with his abusive language. Then the driver intervened and the situation was pacified.

I request you to make an enquiry into the matter and warn the conductor to behave better with the passengers. I need not have to impress upon you the need for the decent behaviour of the conductor towards the passengers.

Yours faithfully,

Shared by Uma Kantha Madala

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  1. A man spend 1/3 of his income on food. & 1/4 of remaining on rent. if the balance with him is much spend on food?

    1. ans. 400/- is right

    2. PlS Give Explanation

    3. Let the Income of the man be X.
      Therefore according to the Question.
      1/3 of his income is spent on food.
      Thus 1/3 of X= X/3.
      Now 1/4 of the remaining had been spent on rent.
      Thus remaining will be X-(X/3)=2X/3
      and 1/4 of this is spent on rent.
      Thus 1/4(2X/3).
      Balance Left with him is now 600.

      Thus His total Income would be. (Add All the expression Formed.)
      X= (X/3)+(1/4)(2X/3)+600

      Solve for X, The value will be 1200.

      Now on food it was spent 1/3 of X.
      Thus (1/3)1200 = 400. (Answer)

  2. Replies
    1. yes its 400
      suppose his income is-'x'
      exp on food is1/3.i.e x/3
      remaining x-x/3=2x/3
      on remaining,he spent 1/4th for rent
      i.e1/4 of 2x/3=x/6
      remaining is 2x/3-x/6=x/2
      x/2=600 given
      so x=income=1200
      so spent on food is 1200/3=400.

  3. Ans is 400


    Remaining is 600
    1/4 spend for rent
    i.e 3/4 is 600 (3 parts 600, 4 parts is 800)
    After spending on food it becomes 800
    i.e remaining 2/3 is 800, spent on food is 400 (Total he has 1200 in the begining.)


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