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May 06, 2014

Precis Writing for SBI PO Exam - Practice Exercise 2


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Friends, this is the second practice exercise of our SBI PO Precis Writing series. We suggest you to read the detailed notes on precis writing from here  before taking this exercise. 

Make a precis of the following passage in about one-third of its length. Give an appropriate title for the passage :

It was only in the eighteenth century that people in Europe began to thing that mountains are beautiful. Before that time, they were feared by the inhabitants of the plains, and especially by the townsmen, to whom they were wild, dangerous places in which one would be lost or killed by terrible animals. Townsmen saw in their cities, the victory of Man over Nature, of civilization, peace and beauty over what was wild, disorderly and ugly.

Slowly, however, many of the people who were living comfortably in towns began to grow tired of them. Man has many instincts in his breast, some of which fight against others : one of these instincts is to explore the unknown, not to be satisfied with a life in which everything is orderly, peaceful and easily understood, but to look for mystery, for things which the reason cannot explain, for sights and sounds which produce in one a thrill of fear.

So, in the eighteenth century, people began to turn away from the man-made town to the untouched country and particularly, to places where it was dangerous, rough and disorderly. Wild rocks and high mountains, and the Lake District in North-West England, with its mountains and lakes, became a popular place for a holiday.

Then mountain-climbing began to grow popular as a sport. To some people, there is something enormously attractive about setting out to conquer a mountain : a struggle against Nature is finer than a battle against other human begins. And then, when you are at the top of a giant mountain after a long and difficult climb, what a satisfactory reward it is to be able to look down over everything within sight! At such times, you feel nobler and purer than you can ever feel down below. 

Title : The climbing of the mountains

Earlier people thought mountains to be dangerous and unsuitable for man. In towns they wanted a peaceful life and enjoyed probing the mysteries of nature. Human instincts always are to explore the unknown. People of 18th century accepted mountains as beautiful. But later on people moved to lake and district and other mountainous regions. The climbing of mountains became a hobby and people understood that climbing a mountain is like conquering the world. The ascent of mountains is equal to a struggle against nature by man. When a person climbs the mountain and looks down he feels nobler and purer than before.

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  1. dear admin,
    u guys are providing really great study materials and we will be more grateful if u can provide us
    topic wise practice sets for sbi exam ...
    they will help us like mock tests..
    so plz consider our request

  2. Really ..Ur notes are very usefull...I'm a daily visitor of ur hepls me to improve my Marketing & GK specially .....If possible will u plz shear expected topic related to essay.
    thank u.again....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. good work.thanks a lot.ur efforts are highly appreciable

  5. Hi Team.. U guys are doing excellent job... Just got an error .. so... posting it... In this precis a sentence is started with "but". As per my knowledge you can't start a sentence with "but".

    In any other case please clarify.. Thanks:)

    1. English teachers used to preach that we should not start a sentence with "Because", "And", "But", etc, but it isn’t really a rule of grammar at all: it falls somewhere between superstition and style choice. We avoid using them because most of the times it seems odd to start with a sentence with conjunction. But you can use "but" in special cases like above.

      If you observe Genesis 1, you can see the sentence starts with conjunction... 'And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light'.

      so its not wrong.

  6. Hi.. Shiv.. I do agree with you. However we should avoid while taking an exam where a silly thing can alter your marks!! Anyway, fantastic example...!! Thanks..:)

  7. Hi Shiv,

    I do agree with you. However we should avoid these kind of silly things while taking an exam.. It may alter your marks!! Anyway, perfect example!! Thanks:)


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