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May 22, 2014

Marketing Lessons for SBI PO : Profiles of Major Media Types


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Friends, Marketing is essentially anything you do to promote and grow your business, including advertising, publicity, sales, merchandising and distribution. In order to advertise our product, we use media. The major media types for advertising are, Newspapers, Television, Direct mail, Radio, Magazines, Outdoor (billboards, blimps, etc.), Yellow pages, Newsletters, Brochures, Telephone and the Internet. Now lets have a look at the profiles along with the advantages and disadvantages of major media types.
  • Newspapers :
    • Advantages : Flexibility; Timeliness; good local market coverage; broad acceptance; high believability.
    • Disadvantages : Short life; Poor reproduction quality; small "pass along" audience.
  • Television :
    • Advantages : Combines sight, sound, and motion; appealing to the senses; high attention;  high reach
    • Disadvantages : High absolute cost; high clutter; fleeting exposure; less audience selectivity.
  • Direct mail :
    • Advantages : Audience selectivity; flexibility; no ad competition within the same medium, personalization
    • Disadvantages : Relatively high cost; "junk mail' image
  • Radio :
    • Advantages : Mass use; high geographic and demographic selectivity; low cost
    • Disadvantages : Audio presentation only; lower attention than television,  non-standardized rates structures; fleeting exposure.
  • Magazines :
    • Advantages : High geographic and demographic selectivity; credibility and prestige; high-quality reproduction; long life; good pass-along readership.
    • Disadvantages : Long ad purchase lead time; some waste circulation; no guarantee of position.
  • Outdoor :
    • Advantages : Flexibility; high repeat exposure; low cost; low competition.
    • Disadvantages : Limited audience selectivity; creative limitations.
  • Yellow Pages :
    • Advantages : Excellent local coverage; high believability; wide reach; low cost
    • Disadvantages : High competition; long ad purchase lead time; creative limitations
  • Newsletters :
    • Advantages : Very high selectivity; full control; interactive opportunities; relative low costs.
    • Disadvantages : Costs could run away.
  • Brochures :
    • Advantages : Flexibility; full control; can dramatize messages
    • Disadvantages : Over production could lead to runaway costs.
  • Telephone :
    • Advantages : Many users; opportunity to give a personal touch
    • Disadvantages : Relative high cost unless volunteers are used.
  • Internet :
    • Advantages : High selectivity; interactive possibilities; relatively low cost.
    • Disadvantages : Relatively new media with a low number of users in some countries.

Bhavya Vasudevan

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  1. Thank u so much....Pls once explain me about the number of LokSabha seats that can be represented by each state and full details about Lok Sabha seats...Thanks in advance.

  2. hi friends,i have a doubt in coding section,pls try to clarify
    "economics is not money"=="ka la ho ga"
    "demand and supply economics"=="mo ta pa ka"
    "money makes only part"=="zi la ne ki"
    "demand makes supply economics"=="zi mo ka ta"
    the question is what is the code for "work and money"
    answer =="pa la tu"
    but how????????pls explain me

    1. according to your question,
      economics-- ka, money-- la, makes-- zi, demand supply-- mo ta, and-- pa.
      work and money-- pa la tu. ( "work" code is not given in the above references. ... "tu" is also not present ). so "work"-- "tu".
      hope you understand...

    Andhra P 42
    Arunachal 2
    Assam 14
    Bihar 40
    CG 11
    Goa 2
    Haryana 10
    HP 4
    J&K 6
    JH 14
    Karnataka 28
    Kerala 20
    MP 29
    MH 48
    Mani 2
    Megha 2
    Mizo 1
    Naga 1
    Odissa 21
    Punjab 13
    Raj 25
    Sikkim 1
    TN 39
    Tripura 2
    UK 5
    UP 80
    WB 42

    Union Terri.
    And man & nico. 1
    Chandi 1
    Dadra & NH 1
    Delhi NCT 7
    Laksha 1
    Pudu 1
    + 2 nominated

    GROSS TOTAL =545 members


    2nd comment reasoning solution
    From 1st &2nd sentence ECONOMICS = KA
    Now, from 1 & 3
    MONEY = LA
    Also from 2 & 4

    Now no any term/word "WORK" came in the question
    The right and will be for WORK AND MONEY=
    PA LA TU

    As pa = and,la=money,tu didn't come in question as well as WORK.

    That's all.



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