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February 19, 2014

My KVB Interview Experience - Karthikeyan M


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Hi Friends,  I am Karthik from Tirpur. I got an offer from KVB as PO. Here I am sharing my KVB Interview Experience, I hope it will helpful for others.

Name : Karthikeyan. M

Venue : III 

Time : 8.30 AM

My Documents were verified in the morning by 9.30 and waited for my term. I was 9th person in my panel and moved to interview hall by 12.30 pm. There are 3 members in the panel.

Me: May i come in Sir
M3: Yes, Karthikeyan come in pls

Before greet them, M3 is asked to take my seat. I thanked everyone and took my seat.

M2: Tell me about yourself ?
Me: Explained well.

M2: What is your father doing?
Me: He is a landlord sir.

M2: Why you came back from Abu dhabi?
Me: My contract was over, it was 2 years.

M2: Dont you have idea to extend your work there?
Me: Sir, i went there for short term. But my real intention is entering into banking companies. Before going there i wrote some exams, but didnt cleared. My short term goal was fulfilled so i came back here to focus on my intention to enter into banking.

M2: Ok, then what is bank?
me: answered as banking is a financial institution which accepts deposit from the public for the purpose of lending.

M2: what is RBI?
Me: answered - Central bank of country. Frames Monetary policy, bank to the Govt, issues bank licenses n monitoring the same, manages forex reserves, etc.

M2: what is Repo rate?
Me: answered with a little error, but corrected myself by saying sorry.

M2: What is the another one related to it?
Me: I said abt Reverse repo rate

M2: whats are its implication in Banking industry?
Me: I said abt lending and borrowing, raising lowering interest rates have implications in liquidity etc etc.....

then he switched over it to another M3

M3: You said you have work experience in HR. Whats your role actually there
Me: I expained my roles in my previous company

M3: How many employees in your company?
Me: there are 20 employees (here i confused with employee and labour, as normally in UAE we call Company staff as employee and ground level people as labour. So he interupted and asked)

M3: only 20 employees does require a HR?
Me: Sir, employees 20, but labours are around 200, i was managed all of them and also assisted my Operations manager in day to day operations, Manpower scheduling as per the project requirements

M3: Oh, what kind of activities your company doing there?
Me: I said about it.

M3: what are the nationalities you were dealing with?
Me: Many are from Bangladesh, then rest are our Indian nationals. Few Filiphinos are also there

M1 listened my conversation fully and gone via my certificates, then started asking questions
M1: What you did in your PG project
Me: explained

M1: whats the conclusion?
Me: I said my findings and notified that was appreciated by that firm.

M1: do you having the habit of reading newspapers?
Me: Yes sir, for the past 4 months i am reading

M1: What are the newspapers you reading?
Me: Hindu and Dinamalar dailies

M1: there is one news 2 days before by RBI? can you say abt it?
Me: I said RBI decided to recall the noted published before 2005 in order to control black Money and Counterfeit notes (All said yes, you are right)

M2: How it is possible? any idea?
Me: I dont know clearly about it sir. But i have some thought how they will control black money , shall i say ?

M2: yes yes you carry on, no issues
Me: Sir, usually black money are not deposited in banks and they put in the shelves for a longer period of time. Those notes also in large no of denominations. If RBI gave a notification like this, those money will come out for exchange to the banks. While that time using KYC norms we can trap it easily.
Thats my thought.

(all were silent, i ended with that because after then i don have any idea about it, M2 just shaked his head and all were silent)

M2: Fine, you did MBA at Sri Krishna college right. when it was started?
Me: In 1998 sir. It's a subsidary of VLB college.

M2: oh, is it so? I am aware of it. (He said the full name of that VLB college)
Me: yes sir, now VLB also changed to name Sri Krishna

M2: he exclaimed and asked some questions, in how many campus they offering MBA. and whats the difference of MBA in Engg college and MBA in Arts college
Me: I explained its regard to the affiliation.

M3: Ok fine, here you are applying for PO. Are you ready if you posted to work anywhere in india even as Marketing Officer?
me: Yes sir. definitely. As am a Marketing graduate as well as i knw to speak Hindi so i can sir.

M3: where you learnt Hindi?
Me: While the time i worked in UAE sir. there i communicate with the bengali labors only in Hindi. there i learnt it from them.

M3 turned to others members and said to me, ok fine. All the best. i thanked everyone and came out.

To Aspirants : The thing learned above, it was quite long interview for me but i answered almost to all the questions they asked. For one question i excused them before giving my answer because i don't know whether its right or not. compare to IBPS interview this is more discussion type and they analyze us strongly in all areas. I did some minor errors, but don't know how its impact. Will hope for the best.

My kind suggestion for the aspirants preparing for interviews is

"Interview is the place where we expect the Unexpected. The Unexpected may be expectable there" ( i experience both in IBPS PO and KVB). So, its all in our hand to show our skills and attitude in the way of presenting by think and link. Still entering into interview panel i was highly nervous. But come to very normal while giving interview. Be focused on yourself. Prepare well. All the best.

I thank Gr8ambitionz and team, also my friends who helped for my interview at the maximum... Thank you all once again. Comments pls.

Thanks to Karthik for sharing hsi KVB interview Experience with us. We wish him Gr8 success in his life.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team
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  1. hai karthik when u attended interview

  2. Thanks friend. You made everything clear why they selected you.. All the best :)

  3. hey frnd ! when did u attentd d interw??

  4. hi i was a bit emotional unintentionally at the end of my IBPS clerical intervw. Will it give negative impact? plsss tell me.

  5. Hi karthikeyan actually i have interview in this august 13th.This is my first interview. so i don't know wt to prepare exactly, so kindly help me wt to prepare for interview, and my qualification is b-tech ECE.

  6. Hi frnds is there anybody selected for interview of kvb???

  7. yeah..m selected for kvb interview..where is your interview..?


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