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February 10, 2014

IBPS IT Scale 2 Online Exam Analysis


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Hi friends, I am Vineet and I would like to share my IBPS IT Officer Scale 2 experience with you. Overall I find paper to be very difficult. I attempted only 96 questions. It’s hard to say by how much accuracy because of PK and English. Many people may say that my attempt was very less and I never stand a chance to clear the cut-off but it’s not wise to compare this year paper with previous years because of the difficulty level. So overall analysis according to my point of view is as follows:-
  1. REASONING – I find 50 % questions of moderate difficulty level. Question of circular arrangement was very difficult, both facing the center and away from the center includes and we don’t know how many face the center and how many away from the center. Statements are not direct and there are 7-8 questions based on it. I leave these questions after struggling to solve it after 2-3 minutes. Puzzle question (person-department-day) was not the usual type which you may find on standard IBPS textbooks. Again there were no direct statements. The question of word arrangement machine was little bit tricky (in the sense that usual questions are simple ascending/descending) but one may solve it after careful observation. Overall this section lies in between moderate to difficult.
  2. QUANTITATIVE - I think most of the questions in this section were solvable but the problem lies with calculations. Calculations were time consuming esp. of DI section. Other questions on number series, algebra, time-Distance was less time consuming. I think a person who solves these questions instead of DI has an upper edge. Overall difficulty level was moderate because of time consuming calculations.
  3. ENGLISH - English was easy according to my point of view but people with Hindi/vernacular medium may find it difficult. The pattern was same as asked in previous ibps exams but there was one addition i.e. to find central theme among the five statements. Passage (10 Q), Central theme (5Q), Fill blanks in the paragraph (10 Q), Jumbled sentences (5 Q), Sentence correction, find errors etc (20 Q).
  4. PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE (Scale-2) - Again this section was difficult as compared to previous year papers.  Most of the questions were asked from software engineering/SDLC/Maintenance and testing. Other questions are from database, data mining, secret key algorithm, data structures, networking, Object oriented concepts. There were negligible questions asked from microprocessors, C & C++ programming, OS, Compiler design. Overall this section was difficult. 

I wish you all the best for the final results.    

Thanks to Vineet Tripathi for the detailed analysis. We wish him great success in his exam.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Thanks and same 2 you..

  2. Vineet, I too felt the same like you after giving the exam. I was able to attempt only 100.
    Reas- 20
    Quant - 15
    Eng - 20
    Prof - 40


  3. let's hope for the best.


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