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February 11, 2014

IBPS Clerks Interview Experience - Trichy


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Name   : K. Divya

Qualification : BE (ECE)

Interview Time : 1.00 pm (documents verification started @4.00pm and interview started at 4.30pm)

Interview panel : 2

Interview venue : IOB, Trichy

There are four members in the panel one lady(L1) ant 3 Gentlemen (G1 G2 G3)

I asked excuse me and wished them good evening sir and good evening mam

G1:They  told me to take ur seat
Me:thank u sir

G1:tell about yourself
Me:I told

G2:in ur clg there is no placements
Me:I told attended but didn’t placed

G1:having 82% why banking

G1:tell about ur subjects in ece
Me:told nearly 8 sub

G1:what is microprocessor

G2:what is microprocessor made of
Me:silicon chips

G1:what is silicon
Me:told but they expect the word sand I didn’t tell that

G2:what is android

G2:what is role of clerks

G3:how many members in ur family

G1:k .gave me Tamiltamil newspaper and told to read
Me:I red it.

G1: Thank you miss Divya. You may leave now.
Me:thank u sir. Left with a smile.
Panelists are very friendly. Don’t get tensed. don’t mug-up anything. try to handle the situation with smile.

Wishing u all the best who going to attend interview on future day. stay cool.

Thanks to Divya for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Hello K.Divya.... Very nice interview!!!

    Small doubt, what was your answer for "Why banking?"

    Thanks in advance! :)

  2. Hi this website they have provided a pdf file consist of 50 interview questions "IBPS clerk interview tips" tab......Juz read tht, u can find an ans for ques "why banking"...even u can find lot more useful question and answers..All the best

    1. where can i find that pdf plz give me tat link


  3. miss divya
    panel members asking question in tamil r english

  4. hello divya,is it OBC is need to attend the interview ?

  5. did they ask questions from the newspaper you read...... whether the whole interview is in english or tamil

  6. my inerview is on feb 14th. but i've entered course completion date in my application form as incorrect one. will they allow me to attend the interview??

  7. plz dnt post "i told" whatever u've answered in the interview....i would b helpful for us....


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