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February 15, 2014

IBPS Clerks Interview Experience from Ahmedabad


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SCORE : 95

VENUE : Dena Laxmi Bhavan, Ahmedabad

Date of the Interview : 13th February 2014

Reporting Time : Morning 8:30

Panel : V

Hi friends,

This was my first interview and I am Electronic and communication engineering student. My document verification started at 11:50 AM and completed in 15 minutes. My interview started at 12: 30 pm. There were four members in panel, 3 Male and 1 female.
Me: may come in Sir?
    They gave permission to come in. I wished them Good afternoon and they told me to sit.
M1: Naresh, tell me about your family background.. (Eng)
Me: Told.. (Eng)
M1: What’s about your education? (Eng)
Me : I passed out BE ECE in 2010 from north Gujarat university .(Eng)
L1 : You passed out engineering in 2010, then what was doing till the date? (Guj)
Me : I did job in HCL info system ltd . (Guj)
M2: What was your responsibility there? (Hindi)
Me: Hcl has contract of ATM machine installation and problem troubleshooting with SBI.  My responsibility was to install new ATMs and if they have problem regarding ATM then I have to solve problem and repairing the ATMs. (Hindi)
M1: Is it possible to get different type of notes as we wish, like we want 10000, and like to get 8000 in 500 rs notes and 2000 in 100 rs notes? (Hindi)
Me : (Confused because never seen this type of option in sbi ATM). Yes sir it is possible, but I never seen this options in SBI ATMs. (Hindi)
M1: Yes this is now possible in ATM of ICICI bank. (Hindi)
M1 : in college which was your favorite subject? (Hindi)
Me : mobile communication
M1: ok, tell me what is cat3, cat5 and cat6? (Hindi)
Me : Sir it is type of cables used in networking.. (Hindi)
M1: tell me their difference?
Me : sorry sir.. 
M1 : What is Bluetooth ? (Hindi)
Me : it is communication for short distance using radio waves. Device having these facilities creates PAN (personnel area network) and communicate with each other.  (Eng- Hindi)
M1: how it communicates?  (Eng.)
Me: sorry sir..  
L1: What is stealth cheque? (Guj)
Me : ( confused. I know about types of cheque, but never heard about this, I am poor in English so confused with word STEALTH)
M3 : difference between normal cheque and bankers cheque? (Hindi)
Me : cheque is one type of negotiable instrument . Payee writes and gives cheque to person whom he wishes to pay money. And person getting cheque can get money from bank.  (Forget difference about bankers’ cheque...) (Hindi)
L1: in which matter cheque can be rejected? (Guj)
Me : insufficient balance, wrong sign, outdated (Guj)
M1: This all are right but there is one more reason. Which is this? (Hindi)
Me: (thinking.) yes, if cheque issuer lost cheque and stop the payment of cheque by informing bank. (Hindi)
M1: yes, this is right.
M3: Are coming from Morbi District? (Hindi)
Me: yes sir, (Hindi)
M3: morbi is famous for what? (Hindi)
Me: Ceramic Industries.
M2: in the past month, Ceramic industries union is on strike.. What was the reason for this? What was their demand? (Hindi)
Me: Due to increase in gas price their production cost also increased so they cannot remain in competition with others in foreign market. So their demand was to decrease price of gas..(Hindi)
M2: This was not the reason.. There was another one. (Eng)
Me: sorry sir, I don’t know another reason..(Eng)
( I asked 4 to 5 person after interview they all told the same reason for this strike )
M1: You are engineering student, then why you want to choose bank as career? (Hindi)
Me: sir, as I told I have experience of private job. Though we work hard, private companies not giving good salary. And in this time there is less chances for ECE engineer in government job.
Currently banking sector is fast growing sector and… (L1 interrupting  me ) (Hindi)
L1: all are saying growing sector, growing sector . What’s the meaning of this growing sector? (Guj)
M1: your IT sector is also growing and simple shop can also grow… (Hindi)
Me: Madam, growing means this sector expanding more rapidly. As we know more companies applied for bank license and according RBI and   financial inclusion every town having population of 2000, there should be a bank. So this will generate more employment in banking sector. (Hindi)
L1: Naresh as you know bank employee was on strike. What are their demands? (Guj)
Me: increment of salary (Guj)
L1: any other reason? (Guj)
Me: yes, If any employee died then job should be given to their child (in bank) (रहेम राह से) and demanding not to give permission for new bank license for private banks . (Guj)
L1: Why they are opposing for this new license to private banks? (Guj)
Me: (confuse..) I think public sector banks will have more competition with private banks.. (Not sure.) (Guj)
M2: ok, Naresh now you can go.. (Eng)
Me: Thank you Sir, Thank you madam.

As I noticed duration of interview of all persons before me was 10 to 15 minutes and mine was 21 minute. All panel members were helpful. Your suggestions are welcome friends. All the best to all.

Thanks to  Naresh Vora for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. plz admin tell me up me sc k interview kab chalne hai? must reply...........

  2. i called at ibps contact no. A lady picked up the phone.. and she said that result of ibps po will come in april at d time of allotment only..

    1. may be tht can be possible. direct first round of allotment can be announce

  3. can any 1 frm tirupati please post ur interview experience here

  4. Hiii Naresh...

    Good luck it was nice.... I am also from ahmedabad my interview date is 18 feb..

    1. hi i am also from Ahmedabad............
      come in mine touch have to share something with u........ Ad me on F.B.

    2. is it necessary that we should know gujrati also??
      because i dont know gujrati and i scored 107 from mp..please reply

  5. hey thanx for sharing this wonderful experience.....all the best...:)


  7. i have score 113 from bihar what possibilities of allotment

  8. jlvghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. hi i attended my interview 0n 17th feb morning session at IOB chennai. my pannel no was 3.

    M1: newtons 3rd law
    m2: laws of floatation
    w: y banking after pg... she was arguing dat i shd continue physics stream itself.... arguement longed for 3-4 min
    what is banking
    m1: role of rbi ... its gov n dep governor.
    m2: nabard
    w: 5 women CM
    m1: cag
    w: gap in my academics
    ooops was hectic.... questions were coming with d speed of light..... horrible bt smiling interview.... dey were like smiling lions :(


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