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February 08, 2014

DBMS Model Practice Tests for IBPS IT Officers Exam - Set 4


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Which constraint expresses the number of entities to which another entity can be associated via a relationship set ?

Which property enables us to enforce any constraint on the original relation by simply enforcing some constraints on each of the smaller relations

The refinement from an initial Entity set into Successive levels of entity subgrouping represents ________________ design

The process of synthesizing multiple entity set into a higher level entity set represents ____________ design.

One limitation of ER model is that it cannot ______________

Object-relational data model combines features of ----------- and -------------- data models

In ER Diagram _______________ symbol is used to represent an Attribute

In ER Diagram _______________ symbol is used to represent an Class Hierarchy

Which of the following model preceded the relational data model?
A. Network model
B. Object oriented model
C. Object relational model
D. Semi structured data models

____________ is an abstraction through which relationships are treated as higher level entities.

The process of designating subgrouping within an entity set is called

_____________ language enables users to access or manipulate data as organized by the data model

In ER Diagram___________________symbol is used to represent an Entity set

A disjointness constraint requires that an entity belong to no more than one ________________ entity set

The process of synthesizing multiple entity sets basing on some common features is called as _____________

Which of the following is true for a network structure (in a database)
A. It allows only one-to-one relationship
B. It allows many-to-many relationship
C. It is a physical representation of the data
D. it won't allow many to many relationship.

___________ is a table whose rows are not stored in the database but are computed as need from its definition

Generalization is used to emphasize the similarities among ___________ level entity sets

In the ______________ design phase maps the high level conceptual schema onto the implementation of the Data model of the data base system.

which rule we can used to generate trival dependencies

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  1. mam plss soon tell the cutoff for ibps so-2013 it officer..

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