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January 30, 2014

IBPS RRB Office Assistants Interview Experience - Ashish Yandadala


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Hi friends. I am Ashish. I want to share my interview experience of IBPS RRB (APGVB) with you people. My Interview was held on 27th January 2014 at Hyderabad.

Name : Ashish Yandadala

Qualification : B.Tech (EEE)

IBPS RRB Office Assistants Score : 131

As I entered the room, I wishd them and took my seat. Here are the questions they asked.

Q1 : Explain about conductor,insulator and resistor and examples..explained well
Q2 : Ok in your address ur colony name is L.B. Colony what is L.B
Me : Lal Bahadur sir. They named it after Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Q3 : Who is he? He was worked in one post in our country?
Me : He worked as Prime minister.

Q4 : Which prime minister (he asked the number)
Me : 2nd prime minister

Q5 : Tell me something about him
Me : I cant recollect about him so said Iam sorry sir

Q6 : Tell me about speciality of Vizianagarm (my home town)
Me : answered in brief

Q7 : Have read today's newspaper?
Me : Yes sir

Q8 : What is the special thing about republic day this time
Me : Doordarshan have facilitated hearing impaired to watch the republic day celebrations

Q9 : Good then another thing also there?
Me : yes sir they have published the video in High definition

Q10: where hav they published ? actually i hav forgotten about it so i said sorry sir then they told that they have published in one website then I answerd Youtube

Q7 : Do you know crop seasons in India ? What are they?
Me : Yes sir kharif and rabi

Q8 : their duration?
Me : Kharif season is between april to october abd rabi season is b/w january and april

Q9 : In which season rainfall will be high
Me : Kharif june july august sir

Q10: what are the alternative sources to overcome power shortage in India?
Me : I told about wind,tidal,bio mass...etc then they asked about bio mass I said sorry sir

Q11: List out non-farmed sectors?
Me : I said poultry milk and thinking then they encouraged me tell further then i told them that I recollectng technical words then they said say in simple words like cows hens etc then I told remaining

Q12: classify Banks in India
Me : Scheduled and non-scheduled banks, Public and private sector banks, Developmental banks like RRBs, APcooperative banks

Q13: What are non scheduled banks in India
Me : There are no such banks in India sir

Q14: then what are rbi,nabard
Me : they are regulatory auhtorities sir RBI for banks in India and NABARD for RRBs and Cooperative banks.

Then he asked about operation of the commercial bank. 
I started as accepting deposits from public then he interrupted and said, I know this but that just say about commercial bank then explained by contrasting with development banks and said commercial bank will operate with profit motto n development banks work for upliftment of the sector fr which they established...and while answering about today news they appreciated me 'good'.

Q15: Have u heard about MSME
Me : Yes sir

Q16: what is the full form
Me : Micro small medium enterprises sir

They said thank you and asked me to leave. 

The Overall interview has been satisfactorily done to myself. but during certificate verification they said that for scores 131 and 132 there were less chances because people between 136 and 140 were heavy competition so even if u scored 100% marks in interview u cant get qualified. So I am little worried about this.

Thanks to Ashish for sharing his interview experience with us. We thank him and wish him great success in his interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Hi Ashish. Your interview is very gud. ya some answers are not given. but no problem. they asking some questions deeply.thank for sharing your experience here. its helpful us. al d best

    1. madhur babu fr which questions can I give u answers plz rply....ashish

  2. good interview wish u all the best
    tahnks for sharing your interviw experience

  3. Thanq for explore d knowledge to others.

  4. hi Ashish... thank u so much for ur information it will definitely help us all.... can you tell us hw u prepared for ur online exam as well ..., bcoz im gonna appear for ibps exam shortly.... help me out plzz... or provide ur email id

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  6. Well done..! nice good answered those answers.

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