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January 10, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experiene - Ayush


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Name : Ayush

Qualification : B-Tech in EC (2009 Passout)

Work Experience : 3 yrs in IT

After completing my verification i was told to wait outside panel 4 . After lunch my interview starts . It goes like this
4 members all male

Me : Good afternoon sir (M1 M2 M3 M4)
M1 : Have a seat
Me: Thank u sir
M1 : why u want to join bank as ur already working in TCS which itself is a very secure job ?
Me: I told him though it is very secure but growth is linearly proportion to ur performance in case of banks gave example of pradeep kumar recently appointed as MD of SBI (corpprate banking dept) also joined as PO in sbi in 1976 another example of arcahana bhargava of United bank of india.
M1: your role in tcs?
Me : SQL developer currently working for nokia project previoussly worked for Humana project a health care firm?
M1: Have u ever worked for banking domain?
Me: Always wants to wrk for BFS domain but tcs always provide the domains on randomly basis so instead of getting BSF i got tagged to retail domain
M2: (looking as though he hate engineers) what have you studied for today's intvw?
Me: banking terms , functions of banks and rbi,chairmans of all banks , all cabinet ministers .
M1: since u already have knowledge of bank lets start with finance . Where do we generally use financial statements?
Me: i said bill of xchange which is totally wrong.
M2: what is PDS?
Me: i said no idea sir.
M3 : few questions on tax related to working individual and senior citizen
Me: i managed to answer.
M2 : how many districts in mp?
Me: answered.
M2: latest district formed?
Me: no idea sir
M2: finance minister of india?
Me: answered
M2 : finance minister of m.p
Me: no idea sir
M3: what is bpl and weaker section
Me: answered
M4 : functions of rbi?
Me: answered with confidence as this was the only one question which i could say ki haan ye syllabus se poocha hai
All : u can leave now
Me: thank u sir

Really horrible interview tha i know ki selection nahi hoga bcoz shayad vo mere answers se convience nahi the . but lets hope for the best

PLease do share your views that will i be able to get in or not??

Note : One of the senior bank offcials came outside the panel where all the candidates where bussy in studying and told them "beta why are u guys still studying we have already test ur knowledge in written exam . we want to test ur potential now" .

Thanks to Ayush for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. what are the growth chances for tcs igniters..???,...

    1. U can ignite currency notes at your home only dude...........:-)

    2. i dont get u dude please give me some info abt tcs ignite salary hike...

  2. Hi Ayush. Everyone has the same status this time. the interview process is very very stringent. so don't worry. All the best for your results.

  3. Mam/sir plz answer my que:- i have cleared in 2012 till den i m doing freelancing ,i dint cleared the written test this time(not clerck even). So the problem is i don't have any work experience to show if next year i get selected,and i want to prepare for bank only no other job. So will it create a -ve impect on interviwer dat 3 yrs after enginrng i did nothing or it doesn't matter. Or if its matter den shud i join a job ???? Plzzzz rply admin its my first ever que. On ur website. Thnk u

  4. Hi....this is jyoti.....i have written in ibps clerk online form that i have diploma in computer operation....but actually have diploma in computer will they reject me.......pls tel...jyoti......

  5. how they check experience certificate....i have t yrs exp in IT field....but.i left 1 yrs back...pls reply

  6. Hi....this is jyoti.....i have written in ibps clerk online form that i have diploma in computer operation....but actually have diploma in computer will they reject me.......pls tel...jyoti......

  7. Hi Ayush I am also working in IT and preparing for bank exams could you pls let me know what they need during doc verification, do they need NOC and experience certificate?

  8. They asked me for NOC so i told them that according to comany guidelines they do not provide any NOC . Though i provide him the Bonafied which is sufficient


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