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January 11, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experiences - Yogesh Sharma


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Name : Yogesh

Date : 10/01/2014

Place : Jaipur

Time: i don’t know how much time it took

I am sharing it here. Because i thought it as an obligation to share as i have read many interviews here.
So here I go. Reached the venue on time and document verification was done within an hour. However, I did not download application form so it took a lil more time for me since I have to go to the cyber cafe to download it.
And yes, I did not have my provisional degree certificate, which I think you should have to avoid any hurdle.
After 30 minutes of document verification, I got the call for interview.
There were four members.  Square table so 2 managers were sitting in front of me and others 2 were in both side. When a question is asked by a member sitting in front it is difficult to make eye contact with the sitting by side. Because the member sitting in front ll keep asking you and you won’t be able to think about making an eye contact with other 2 frequently.
 May I come in sir?
M1: yes and have a seat
Thanks and good morning to all of you
M1: what you are doing in current
I: explained it in detail.
M1: so you have done PGDBM. What’s the difference in PGDMB and MBA? What would have been the difference if your PGDMB had been approved by AICTE?
I: explained it in detail why premier institute provide diploma instead of degrees.
M1: So what was your previous job?
I: explained it in detail.
M1: so what are derivatives?
I: derivative is an instrument which derives its value from an underlying security. For example: commodity, shares, bonds anything.
M1: so what is Forward?
I: forward is a form of derivative where 2 parties agree to sale or buy at a future date and it’s OTC. In simple way if I enter into an agreement with anyone to sale anything or buy at a future date it is be called forward.
M1: what’s the difference in Future and Forward?
I: in Future there is an obligation to execute the contract at future date and Forward is an agreement between 2 parties and in Option there is no obligation but buyer has a right to execute or not to execute.
M1: so what’s the basic difference in Forward and Future?
I: Future is traded in the exchange and Forward is not traded.
M1, M2: very good
M1: what laws you have studied?
I: sir, my major was finance and minor marketing. So in particular there is no law which i have studied.
M1: so what laws you know?
I: i have gone through income tax, labour law, company law etc. But it ll be very difficult to recall everything as it has been more than 5 years since I did my PGDBM. (i was thinking why don’t you ask a question instead of asking me law, there are various laws. I can’t tell about any law because laws are very wide and i am not a law graduate)
M1: bank mein to law kaa kaam hota hai vha aise toh nhi bol skte mujhe time ho gya pade huye.
I: (sach mein bank mein law kaa kaam hota hai, i was thinking it in my mind) sir thats true, but this is also true that it will be very difficult to recall everything after a span of 5 years. However, you can ask me anything. And it is not important to remember everything but what is important, is that “ am i willing to learn or not”.
M1: okay, what are business ethics?
I: Business ethics are kinds of rules prescribed by an organization. However, everything can’t be covered under the rules most of the times they are subjective and by conscience. Like it is unethical to take bribe, however it might not be mentioned in every companies policy. So business ethics have a wider framework. We are not supposed to do any activity which is against the society. Thats it.
M2:  What is net interest income?
I: interest income minus interest expense is net interest income.
M2: what is the difference in net interest income and interest margin?
I: i think interest margin is the difference between the lending rate and borrowing rate. So suppose a bank pays 10% interest to depositors and takes 13% interest from borrowers. So interest margin is 3%. (i knew i am not in the right direction because i was not sure, i just had an idea. And i touched my hair once in between which is not good. I realised it as soon as i touched my hair. Don’t do it).
M2:  no, no that is not right.
M2: where do interest expenses come?
I: it must come in net interest income since we are deducting interest expenses from interest income to arrive at net interest income.
M2: where it comes in, net interest income or net interest margin?
I: sir, you are confusing me. I already said it comes in net interest income. ( i don’t know where does this “net interest margin” come from, we were talking about “interest margin”. Really they confused me by asking similar kind of terms and finally he stopped).
M2:  accha toh tumhare native ye Dholpur city hai. tuhare yha ki konsi food company famous hai, mujhe pta hai there is no development. Phir bhi kuch toh famous hai.
I: Food company, nothing as such. sir, i have not been to my home town for a long time.  It has been around 13 years. I just go there for few days.
M2: accha “Dholpur fresh” kaa naam nhi suna.
I: sir its a dairy product. When you said “food company” i thought about “eating items”. I know its a product of “Gopal dairy”. (i knew i am right about Gopal dairy, which i confirmed after coming out and its not Gopal dairy. But i think, even M2 didn’t know if i am right of wrong because he was convinced.)
M3: india kitne regions mein divide hai Hindi language k hisaab se?
I: what, could you please repeat the question sir.
M3: arey india hindi bhasha k hisaab se kitne regions mein divide hai?
I: (ye question toh mein sapne mein bhi answer nhi kar skta) no idea, i don’t know it at all.
M3: what is financial inclusion?
I: financial inclusion is a process by which banks provide financial services to the masses. Like banks provide agriculture loans, no frills account, education loans, micro financing etc. So it is actually a way to include all social groups. And recently RBI has directed all the banks to open BSBDA accounts.
M3: what is BSBDA?
I: it is basic saving bank deposit account and all “No frills” must be converted into BSBDA accounts. Under BSBDA bank is supposed to provide basic banking facilities to the consumers for free. There are guidelines issued by RBI for that. Few of them are like total amount should not be increased by 1 lakh in an year and it should not exceed by 50,000 at any point of time.
M4: SHG k bare mein jaante ho?
I: yes sir i have heard about it.
M4: ok toh batao
I: SHG is a group of  15 or 20 people. They pool their money and give it to a needy member of the group. I have read it somewhere that there are 2.2 million SHG group under NABARD and more than 33 million users. However, i am not sure about the exact figure. Most of the SHGs are in south india, constituting 57% of SHGs.
M4: isme maximum or minimum number ki koi limit hai kya?
I: i don’t think so there is any limit because i did not read it anywhere.
M4: 20 se jyada ho skte hai kya members?
I: i think that there could be more than 20 because SHG is a group of commonly interested people. However i have not read it anywhere if there is any limit on the members SHGs group.
M4: ok ye bank se kese link hai?
I: i think NABARD has 2.2 million registered SHGs group. But no idea about banks. I think they are not linked to banks.
M4: ok. They are linked to banks anyway. But it is nice.
ALL: Nice talking.

My Opinion : study whatever you can. They can ask you anything. But study is must.  Whatever i have answered, i have studied in last 3 days. Obiviously, you have to sound confident, it doesn’t cost you anything. Selection depends on the questions asked but being confident and calm also gives point. Thats it.

Thanks to Yogesh for sharing his valuable Interview experience with us. We wish him great success in his interview
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. u have good knowledge on banking. interview is also gud

  2. Hi....this is sushma.....i have written in ibps clerk online form that i have diploma in computer operation....but actually have diploma in computer will they reject me

  3. When will the commom interview results come out ?

  4. no, not at all....

  5. Hi....this is sushma.....i have written in ibps clerk online form that i have diploma in computer operation....but actually have diploma in computer will they reject me

    1. nahi reject kareyngey .they rectify it

  6. Chek out cwe scorz,cut off 4 intervw 107

    1. Badly scrwd up in po intervw nd. Only 124 in cwe... Least chancez tht thz tym 2 ny salary aprais thn more than one or 2000 in bank union setlment, sad.sad..

    2. please tell me if anyone is not given even passing marks ,ie,40 in the they fail anyone????? please answer....its important.....

  7. how total vacanies r there in ibps p.o3

  8. hello Gr8AmbitionZ team, plz provide your mail id so i can send my interview experience of IBPS PO


  10. arre yaar koi tho batao kaise ye exam crack kerthe hai

  11. Yogesh u have good knowledge about banking...And ur interview was also good..U have fair chances of getting selected..All the best... :)

  12. got 84 in clerk ,cut off 67 assam , gen, any chnce? even in 2nd round ?? plz tell

    1. plzz reply i m very mucvh tensed :(

    2. Hoi jaabo....tension nolovi.....

    3. Arey 3rd round u thake .. Tension nolo .. Interview bhalke dibi ..

  13. Hi Yogesh.. I have a problem plz help me... I have shown work experience of 3 months in online application of IBPS clerk 3 but the company has not provided me with work experience certificate or relieving letter.. what to do??

    1. Hi,
      I don't think it will be a problem. And you can't do anythg now. If you can arrange it better otherwise tell them the truth. That they didn't provide you the letter. And 3 months of experience is uncountable. So don't worry.

  14. how to apply for DGB? which percentage should be given in appl? whether it is telugu percentage or ssc percentage?

  15. hey mje koi bata skta hai ki interview k marks se zyada farak
    padta hai selection me ya written se?aur interview me b fail
    hsakta hai kya koi??

  16. hey mje koi bata skta hai ki interview k marks se zyada farak
    padta hai selection me ya written se?aur interview me b fail
    hsakta hai kya koi??

  17. should regional language(kannada) be known while attending the interview for ibps clerk 3 at a native of kerala. now settled at bangalore after my marraiage


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