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January 10, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience - Tushar Sharma


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Name - Tushar Sharma

Qualification - B.Com

Score - 87 (General category)

Date - 9/1/14

Venue - Bank of Maharashtra Zonal Office, Bandra

Time - 8.30 A.M.

I had reached the venue by 7.30 in the morning. The other candidates started showing up after 7.50 only. There were two panels:3 and 4, I was in 4. When the majority of the candidates had arrived, the peon gave us a list with our names and instructed us to sit  according to the serial number in the list ( I was 12th out of  23) and arrange our documents according to a chart they had pasted on the wall. Since I was there from the begining , the others were asking their doubts to me. I took to this time to clear their doubts and began talking to everyone, even those who were being very quiet ( Friends, everyone was nervous like me, although nobody showed it on their face and they were all glad to talk to someone, most of them thanked me after the interview for chatting with them. So you should try to intiate conversations yourselves.) We were made to wait for hours and in this time I found that most of the candidates were engineering graduates, a few had done MBA and almost everyone had some professional experience in either banks or other pvt. organisations. They had all given atleast one attempt in earlier P.O. or clerk exams or some other competitive test and they all belonged to general category. This  made me a bit nervous since I have no experience and this was my first attempt. Anyway, since there was so much time I started reviewing my notes which I had prepared.

                Only after 10.30 did the verification start. Fortunately, everyone's documents were in order and there were no hassles for anyone. The staff was very polite and friendly. After this there was more waiting and I was called in at 11.15 A.M.
 I knocked softly and asked permission to enter with a smile. There were four male members in the panel and they all welcomed me very enthusiastically. I wished them. Again they wished me with gusto and offered the chair. I smiled and said thank you. They all said, arey! You are the second Tushar today, did you meet the other one? I replied,'no, sir'. The room was small and brightly lit. Two panel members were sitting across the table, one to the side of it and the last was at such an angle the he was almost adjacent to me on my right, so I had to turn slightly to talk to him but it was still very comfortable.

M1- So Mr. Tushar tell us about yourself.
Me- I replied in brief.
M1- (cutting in) You are from Raigad? Are you originally from Raigad or somewhere else?
Me- I am from U.P. but due to my father's job we are staying here.
M1- Enquired about my father's job.
Me- described. (Its dificult but try to make sure that you make eye contact with everyone and not just the person who is asking the questions.)
M1- (interrupting politely) acha ok we now know about your father but what else have you been doing?
Me- I cleared the entrance test for Company Secretary course.
All members- Acha! Company Secretary! very good, very good!
Me- Thank you! But its more of my parent's interest and not mine, I am more interested in banking.
M1- why do you want to join banking?
Me- Sir I have been attracted to this field since...
M1- Haan,  ye kya attraction hai? What attracts you to this banking?
Me- Sir, it is a fast growing industry, very stable and reliable. In fact it has so much potential that people from other fields are noticing the potential. Engineering graduates and MBA graduates are leaving their fields to join banks.
All members- Haan correct! Everyone is coming here! (Looking at each other, ' See so many engineers are applying') You are right.
Me- I wanted to say that they are smart, skillful and have good scope in thier respective areas and yet they are able to see even better opportunities in banking. But I ended up saying, 'They are more smart and intelligent.'
All- Arey, why you are saying this?! You are more smart! more intelligent! Why are you promoting others?!
Then I clarified what I meant and they all were satisfied, M4 said "its okay, sometimes in flow kuch bhi nikal jaata hai."
M1- Tell us about your family, brothers, sisters.
Me- I replied in brief.
M3- What is core banking?
I completely forgot the answer and my gaze fell down. But they all encouraged me immediately and said take your time. I Said I am sorry. I have studied this but I can't seem to recall.
M4- You study, you prepare, but jab chahiye then we forget. This happened with a charachter in Mahabharat, can you tell who that was? Again I said I am sorry.
M1- Try, try to remember Core banking, it is from your field. Then I tried to say whatever I remembered from studying but I did not frame it well.
M1- Whatever it is, you should try. Don't give up.
Me- yes sir.
M2- Tushar, main aapse hindi mein baat karna chaahta hun. aap bolte hain hindi?
me- Haan sir, haan.
M2- Gareeb logon ko, aur jinko nahi pata kaise bank mein kaam hota hai unko hum kaise madad kar sakte hain, govt. kya kar rahi hai unko bank ka use karne ko encourage karne ke liye.
I began explaining in hindi but got confused whether I should translate the technical terms as well. I explained the general principles.
M2- Isko kya kehte? There is a term for this.
Me- Financial Inclusion. Then explained it in hindi.
M1- Before this have you given any bank exam.
Me- No sir, This is my first attempt.
At this everyone said,'Very good, in the first attempt you have cleared, that is very good.'
Me- Thank you sir.
M1- Okay, it was nice talking to you. Now you can leave.
Me- Thank you sir, It was nice talking to all of you!
As I was getting up, they said,' And don't say others are smarter than you, always say I am smarter, I am better.'
Me - Yes sir I will.
While I was at the door they joked like they were my friends. We all laughed. Then all of them said ,'It was good to talk to you.'
Me- Thank you very much sir, Thank you!

The Interview lasted for 15 minutes. I was a little dissappointed because, I could have answered the banking question a lot better.

Afterwards I talked to the other candidates and they all said that their panel was also very friendly and cooperative.

Suggestions :
1.Prepare your basics well and be confident.
2.Maintain eye contact with everyone.
3.Maintain good posture and do not fidget with your clothing, tie, etc.
4.Try to talk to other candidates even if they are being very quiet. They just don't want to show that they are nervous.

I hope my experience will help other candidates. I studied entirely from the material shared by Gr8 ambitionz team. My qualification in the online test was because of the preparation from this website alone. I am grateful to you and other candidates who had shared their experiences. All the best to everyone.

Thanks to Tushar for sharing his valuable Interview experience with us. We wish him great success in his interview
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  5. Thanks Tushar. Good One :)

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  9. I also gave interview yesterday at the very same place and same panel 4..Those 4 male interviewers were very cool n damn co-operative..Made every candidate feel comfortable...I had a great 10 min interview experience with them...Enjoyed a lot...!!!

  10. Ibps po ka interview score declare hoga ya seedha allotment hogi

  11. plz admin or anyone help me I completed my graduation in 2012 and also studied computer in first semester but i completed my computer course in oct 2013,since in the advertisement of po it was written that all education qualification shld be before 1/7/2013 so will they reject me.plz reply me soon as i am freaking out

  12. Hi tushar, i got 87 also frm Gen catg, and is my frst attempt, my i/w panel was not so frndly but evn whn i said wrong answers (which i found out later) they still said "very good", and i was thinking i had done well, til i chked my answers online.. let me know aftr u get ur score
    all the best !!

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