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January 07, 2014

IBPS PO-III Interview Experience shared by Vishal Kedia


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Name : Vishal Kedia

Date : 7/1/2014

Cat : Gen

Qualification : B.Tech, MBA- Foreign Trade

Venue : Andhra Bank Zonal Office.

Marks : 85

Time : 15 min

I was thereby 8:30 total 100 people were present for the two panels I & II. Documents verification was done by 11:45 am and my turn came at 12:00 pm

As I entered the room there were 4 people all were men. There was only one person who was asking a lot and others most of the time were staring. In between others asked 2-3 questions rest of the time it was done by only 1. and 1 person didn't ask anything till the end?

As I entered,
M1)So your name appears different, you are a Rajasthani ?
I said yes

M1)So which place you belong to?
I said Gujarat

M1)So how come you are here?
I was answering in the middle he said lot of you guys are entrepreneurs then why do you need a job.

M1)again he asked a question, So how here in South India.
I replied by saying that my Grand father came here for business and later on my dad continued his business.
M1)Then why are you not there?
I said the business is not stable for a couple of years and due to stiff competition from peers my dad don't want me to join. This is the reason I have studied
M1) Then he said you can start a new venture by implementing new ideas?
I said Sir, now-a-days there is lot of competition in the market for  start up. also the capital required would be huge.
M1) then he interrupted by saying that banks are there to provide that so you can go ahead( in a sarcastic manner) and you guys are expert in securing?
But sir without collateral it is not possible right. Then he didn't say anything.
M1) what is your native place?
I said Rajasthan
m1) which place?
I said Jhunjhunu sir
m1) oh is it?
Oh i have been there many a times running behind the borrowers. He also said that many personalities are from this dist. like Birlas,Piramals etc he said
I said yes sir.
M3) who was observing for quite a long time posed a question. Do you have GK?
I said I do
M3) Ok then a new train has been started from andhra pradesh to gujarat. Can you name it?
Yes sir it is Visakhapatnam- Gandhidham train special train weekly once I said
M3) Do you know the speciality of Gandhidham.?
I said sorry sir no idea.
M3) Do you know in which direction it is to Ahmedabad?
I said north
M3) What about Rajkot?
I said North.
M1) Who is CM of Rajasthan?
I said Ashok Gahlot
m4) said are you aware of the elections?
Yes sir I do. They are yet to take place.
m4) are you sure?
then i recollected Oh man what I have done I said sorry sir it's Vasundhara Raje
M3) You Know abt Andhra Pradesh?
I told yes
M3) Then which place is called AP's ooty?
I said Araku Valley in Vizag
M3) Before reaching Araku Valley there is a cave could you name it?
Yes sir it is Borra Caves
M3) Ok good
m1)  Ok what have you studied?
I said MBA- Foreign Trade and B. tech
m2) who was silent for all the time asked all marks?
I said MBA 79% BTECH 70% ibps 85
M1) So you have studied International Business right?
I said yes sir.
M1) Then he asked what is factoring?
I said sorry sir i couldn't recollect it.
m1) Then he asked which project have you done in your MBA?
I said sir my major was in mktg and minor in finance. So in order to gain more knowledge in finance i did my project on WCM
m1) Then he asked how would to calculate the working capital for a supply chain?
I explained him
M1) do you know what are the practices followed in International Trade?
I said yes sir, it is UCP
M1) What is UCP?
i said they are Uniform customary practices that are to be followed by each & every nation when carrying out trade globally.
M1) He asked what is the series that is running?
I said UCP-600
M1) Then he asked about LC?
I said it is a letter of credit majorly used for international settlements wherein there are two parties seller and buyer and their respective banks.
m1) What is the role of banks in LC?
I said they act as guarantor for the seller to receive his payment.
m1) Suppose the banks receive payment for an LC for which the details are not clear to whom account it has to be credited. Then what has to be done?
I said the bank will contact the buyers bank and will confirm the details
M1) NO Give me according to the UCP?
I said no idea sir.
m1) then he replied by answering that they will refund back the amount to the buyers bank and they are not at all involved in any further dealings according to UCP rules.
M1) Lastly they asked are you married?
I said No. then they said how come? you guys marry early.
I said naukri nahi hai toh chokri kaun dega sir?. Then they all laughed

Then they finally said it was nice talking to you. Thank you
I gave all the answers very confidently and for answers that I didn't know I said Sorry sir no idea.The above are questions related to my MBA. The interview was in Tel, Hin & Eng.It was more of like a casual interview rather than job interview. Not a single question related to banking was asked.I am in a confusion what happened.What would be the final outcome? Fingers crossed. Let's hope for the best and I hope this would be helpful.

I suggest other readers to have a good grasp on your education.

Thanks to Vishal for his valuable Interview Experience. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. I am currently working in private organization do they need NOC from my employer my interview is on 9th pls reply fast.I have mentioned my experience in Form

  2. ANURAG: In case of a private organisation like INFOSYS, they understand that they don't give NOC as long as a person is employed. For Guys with Private Workings, they were allowed to appear after signing an UNDERTAKING FORM that you haven't submitted it and will after some time...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. bhai post kaise kiye ho interview expereience...
    mere toh nahi ho pa raha hai

    1. mail it to with subject as po experience

  5. I appeared for ibps clerk 3 exam in another state.will i be able to gt selected as language is a problem as given in the notification.

  6. hello i have a querry mere application form me mere pg ka year 2011 ki bajaye 2012 ho gaya hai kya isase interview me problem ho jayegi i am talking about 2013 clerk

    1. The eligibility is for graduation only so they won't consider and you can proceed further

  7. Replies
    1. abhi venue nahi aaya hai...please anyone reply is there will be any problem ...admin same question to you too please reply....

  8. have filled my date of passing as 25/06/2011 but in my convocation only date is written like 28/04/2012 ..... .is there any problem in ibps interview.....myself sweta rai....pls help

    1. No problem at all as they will check the dates only after 01/07/2013 as you have completed an year before no problem at all


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