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December 27, 2013

Interpreter - Introduction, Advantages and Disadvantages


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Friends, in our previous posts we have discussed about compilers and it's Phases in detail. Today we shall discuss about Interpreter. Generally we call the person who translate from one language to another as an Interpreter. According to Computer Science, the Interpreter is a Software Program. It translates an instruction into a machine language and executes it before proceeding to the next instruction. The main difference between the Compiler and Interpreter is, the compiler translates high-level instructions directly into machine language whereas the Interpreter translates high-level instructions into an intermediate form, which it then executes.

There are two ways to run programs written in a high-level language. The most common is to compile the program. The other method is to pass the program through an interpreter. So, we can say that the  interpreter is a kind of translator which produces the result directly when the source language and data is given to it as input. It does not produce the object code rather each time the program needs execution.

The compiler needs follow several steps in order to produce the required result, it will be time taking if the input program is long. In those cases the Interpreter can immediately give the required result. 

The model for interpreter is as shown in following figure. 

Languages such as BASIC, SNOBOL, LISP can be translated using interpreters. JAVA also uses interpreter. The process of interpretation can be carried out in following phases.
  1. Lexical Analysis
  2. Syntax Analysis
  3. Semantic Analysis
  4. Direct Execution
Advantages of Interpreter :
  • Modification of user program can be easily made and implemented as execution proceeds.
  • Type of object that denotes a variable may change dynamically.
  • Debugging a program and finding errors is simplified task for a program used for interpretation.
  • The interpreter for the language makes it Machine Independent.
Disadvantages :
  • The execution of the program is slower.
  • Memory consumption is more.
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