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December 03, 2013

Computers Basics bits for IBPS and SBI Associates Clerks


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______________ is the product of data processing

_______________ monitors are most commonly used with desktop computers

The purpose of ALU is _______________

The components of a CPU are ____________, _____________ and _________________

Data representation inside the computer uses ______________-- system

_________________ are small specialized CPUs that handle input and output of data so that the main CPU does not have to handle these operations

A keyboard communicates with programs by sending __________ to the CPU

An individual dot on a comuter screen is called as a ___________________

A _________ is a list of file names contained on a particular storage medium

The microprocessor is sometimes refered to as the __________________

A _____________ is a set of instrucitons that tells a computer how to perform a particular task

___________ is the singular of data

An operating system is a type of __________ software

Word processing and desk top publishing are examples of ____________ software

____________ is a series of procedures that executes when a computer is turned 'ON'

One binary digit is a _____________

There are 3 modes of transferring data. Those are _______________, Half-duplex and Full-duplex

A ____________ is a set of programs which acts as an interface between the user and computer hardware

RAM is volatile. What is meant by this  ?

The basic unit of measurement for storage capacity of a memory is ___________


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  1. easy way to square any no.---take any value such as 93
    Ist step--------Take 90^2=8100 pls remove one zero as 810
    2nd step------then multiply 9*3=27,then 27*2=54
    3rd step------then add 810+54=864 and put the value as 8640
    4th step------- then take square root of unit place of 93 such as 3 square is 9 and add it in 8640+9=8649 similarlry try any 187^2=180^2=32400 take 3240
    18*7=252 then add in 3240+252=3492 then (187) unit place no (7) square is 49.
    put 9 at the last of 34929 and add 40 in it then it comes 34969... pls it so simple pls try then u understnad it is very useful n quick method.FROM-JAI DIXIT ROHTAK HARYANA

  2. Its vry long yaar .. see my style .
    93 = campare with 100 . Its 7 short .
    7 *7 =49 &
    7 *7 =14
    Now 100-14=86
    8649 isans .

    1. please provide many examples like as

    2. admin please help
      i lost my ibps application it possible to download again?what if i was asked to submit at tym of interview?
      contacting helpdesk will help?

    3. yes..frnd its so simple..thanq..

    4. how will u do for numbers such as 63..

  3. my style for finding square of 93 ?
    93= compare with 7 short

    ie 93-7=86
    and 7*7 =49
    therefore ans is 8649..!!


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