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November 30, 2013

30 Nov 2013 IBPS Clerk III Evening Shift Exam Questions


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Friends, we have already updated detailed review of today's IBPS Clerks Online III Exam and the questions asked in Today's morning shift. Here we are giving you the questions asked in the evening shift. These questions are shared by Swetha Muppaneni, Nikhil Pujani and Kingkar Pd. Mahato. We thank them for their great efforts. All the Best. 

Questions Shared by Swetha Muppaneni

1. Monetory authority in India
2. RTGS full form
3. Devdas book written by
4. MGNREG how many days of employment
5. Indira Gandhi Prize 2012
6. Golden Lotus award for best feature film
7. India's entry for Oscars
8. IFSC code how many digits
9. top producer of Coffee in India
10. Brazil currency
11. Human rights day
12. president can appoint how many members in Rajya Sabha
13. Which rate is increased by RBI to increase liquidity
14. time limit of customer complaints is reduced from 12 to how many days?

More questions are from banking than current affairs. GA was moderate.
Computers was dead easy.
English was moderate.
Quant was time taking.
Reasoning was easy.

Questions asked in IBPS PO III Online Exam (30-11-2013) Evening Shift

  1. Brazil currency – Real
  2. ECS full form – Electronic Clearing System
  3. Indira Gandhi peace prize 2012 – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
  4. Devdas book written by - Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay
  5. Tatason tied up with which to promote Indian airlines – Singapore airlines.
  6. Which Indian film representing in 2014 in Oscar – The Good Road
  7. 60th national awards best film – Paan Singh Tomar
  8. Largest coffe exporting state: Karnataka
  9. Mc-x chairman:  Satyananda Mishra former Chief Information
  10. One question on self help group 
  11. The rate at which bank cannot lend money % of sponserd bank state govt and central govt
  12. Banks which are nationalized in second schedule act are known as : Scheduled Commercial Banks'
  13. Human rights day-10 Dec.
  14. The time limit for resolution of customer complaints in banks has been reduced from 12 days to- 7 days
  15. MNREGA- no. of days-100days
  16. .IFSC Alphanumeric code how many digits-11 digit
  17. Enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed 25 lakh-micro enterprise
  18. Credit information agency-Cibil
  19. Rupay card launched by- NPCI
  20. Central bank of India-RBI
  21. To increase liquidly -Repo rate must be decreased
  22. Best foreign language film at the 86th academy awards-Armour
  23. One Qs related to CASA RATIO?
  24. Noble peace prize 2013 -OPCW
  25. Upto one lakh insurance in banks done by-DICGC
Thanks to Swetha Muppaneni, Kingkar Pd. Mahato and Nikhil Pujani for the update

Check questions asked in Today's IBPS Clerks Online Exam from here

Read complete study material for IBPS Clerks III from here

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  1. Thank u gr8 team... and those who shared their reviews also...

    Please do share your views about other sections.... QA , RA , Computers and English.... also


  2. please share the reasoning and quantitative patterns....

    1. sir minimum employment days in mgnrega is 150 not 100
      and mcx chairman is mr g. K. Pillai

    2. sorry mcx chairman is satyanand mishra

  3. MCX chairman is Krishna Mohan Shani.

    1. according to gk capsule MCX has appointed GOPAL KRISHNA as Chairman.

    2. recently it has changed, it is Satyananda Mishra.

    3. yes boss..mcx current head is K.M shani..i dont remember whether it was there as the options for the xam..

    4. satyanand mishra

    5. DId Sathyanand Mishra was in the Option???? Shani was in the Option and i marked that. . But was there Mishra??

  4. brazil currency is Brazilian real

  5. evng session was easy in compare to mornhg session

  6. Got this from a facebook group
    IBPS Clerk III analysis ---- second shift

    Reasoning :
    1.Seating arrangement 3 sets i) seating around the circle ii) 6 ppl facing north iii) 6 ppl in a building (total 15 questions)
    2. syllogism - 5 questions
    3. Inequality - 5 questions
    4. Alphabets, number, symbols 5 questions
    5. Direction 2 questions
    6. Data sufficiency 5 questions
    total 40 question .. level easy (can attempt 35+)
    no figures, input/output.

    English :
    1. Paragraph arrangement - 5 questions
    2. Comprehension on Market Research lengthy - 10 questions
    3. Close test - 10 questions
    4. Word/Phrase substitution - 5 questions
    5. Filling in the blanks - 5 question
    6. Error finding - 5 questions
    total 40 questions ... level moderate (can attempt 25+)

    1. Simplification - 10 questions
    2. Number series - 5 questions
    3. Data Interpretation - 5 questions
    4. Ratio proportion, time distance, mixture, profit loss, average etc - 10 questions
    don't remember other 10 question

    total 40 questions - level moderate (time consuming) (can attempt 25+)
    no approximation, combination and permutation, probability

    General Awareness :
    1. Banking related questions
    2. Current affairs.
    ex. RuPay, Commercial papers, RRB ration among govt, State and Sponsered bank, Oscar entry from India, Sirleaf, etc (can attempt 25+)

    40 question level moderate...(few questions related to current affairs)

    Computer Awareness:
    40 questions level easy (can attempt around 35+)

  7. Mam, i did 17 q in Maths with 100% accuracy....... is dere any chance of selection in it.....

    1. muskil h bhai agar gen cat. me ho to
      otherwise kuch chance h

    2. ho jayega clear yaar agar full accuracy hai

    3. last time the sectional cut off was 19....if u r General candidates thn it is impossible to clear....but hope 4 d best

    4. Bhai ho jaayega ,if 100% accur hein to

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. How many options r given for each question?
    is there any none of these option in nath.?

  10. I have given eve. shift exam and done 63% questions with accuracy but was not able to do any question from numerical. I did only 3question. what are my chances. I belong to general category is there is any chance or not

    1. no chance atleast you have to qualify in all sections and you did only 3 q's

    2. sorry bro... try nxt time. u have to qualify in every section

  11. 1.Pick one landlocked country from five options?Ethopia
    2.stoping the flow of physical cheque? cheque truncation
    3.languages present on cheque?

  12. mgnrega working days raise to 150 days bhayya

  13. admin can u pls give me the clarity about the working days of mgnrega either it is 100 or 150?pls pls pls............

    1. Mgnrega is for 100 days.

      150 days for drought affected areas

  14. What will be the avg cut off this year(expected) for general category??

  15. national multicommodity exchange ltd chairman is krishna mohan sahni
    multicommodity exchange chairman is satyananda mishra

  16. the xam overall was was very could easily score 35+..G.K was moderate..need good knowledge to go through..english wasnt that simple compared to previous years..reasoning was lengthy though not tough..maths was very lengthy and time consuming..better not to attempt more than 30..with good preparation one could have easily scored 140+

  17. to the administrator:
    it is mentioned in the IBPS call letter - "anyone found to be disclosing,publishing,disclosing,transmitting,storing or facilitating transmission and storage o test contents in any form whole or part by means of verbal or written, electronic are found to be in unauthorised possession of test content is likely to be prosecuted." why do you encourage revealing ?

  18. 60th national golden lotus award was awarded to
    chittagong......not paan singh tomar...

    1. IT was paan singh frnd

    2. pan sing tomar.......Best Debut Film of A Director-chittagong

  19. Mgnrega is for 100 days.

    150 days for drought affected areas..!!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. 60th national film award for best feature film : Paan Singh Tomar

  22. please update some questions on computer knowledge

  23. hi friends..... This is ramya......
    I attended today morning section.i would like to share some qustns..
    GA questions.
    1.Indira gandhi award for national integration 2013- m.s swaminathan
    2.miss universe- isler hosted 23^rd CHOGM-Sri lanka questi. about Omburdsman ques... about MICR
    6.largest coffee producing country- brazil
    7.Player who scored double century in ODI against Aus. in Bangalore-Rohit sharma
    8.casual vacancy -author is J.K Rowling
    9. currency note composed of two pieces-multilated notes
    10.diabetes day-nov 14

  24. Today's IBPS exam of Evening session was moderate
    Coming to sections:

    1)Numerical Aptitude : nearly 20 questions are on numerical and 5 on D.I and remaining on all topics like time and distance ratio etc....

    2)Reasoning Sections was also moderate

    3)English paper is as usual.

    4)Computer sections was good and

    5)General awareness : Nearly 20 to 25 question asked in banking sector and remaining on the current affairs and G.K.

    Over all paper was not too Tough.

  25. tatason tied up with malasiyan carrier not singapore

  26. hi sir my attempts are 161 in ibps clerk 3 30th eveng shift is this possible that attempts i hope all are saying that 130is more in the exam pls clarify meeeee sir.............................


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