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April 17, 2013

Interview Experiences of LIC ADO - Amit Sharma


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Name - Amit kumar sharma

Interview date - 15-04-2013

Time - 9:30 AM

Interview venue - Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

Done with my interview was frm 9.30 am morning ... After reaching to the venue I came to know that the 1st person who is going to be interviewed was me from General category...(banghead). then i decided not to go with 1st attempt .. . i was also not done attested of my relevant copies and doc. So one of member at lic venue told it is mandatory to do i went fr doing attested of my copies... finally reached venue at 10.30 and my interview started from 11.30. there were 3 panel members...

Here are the questions asked in my LIC ADO Interview

M1- so amit what are the degrees that u have done till now? ( ans - BBA( 2011),DCA ,2 mnth training )
M1- so amit u hv done ur training at Max new york life insurance so why hv u not join there?
M1- how do you differentiate lic with others insurance industry ?
M1- tell me that experience that u have gained during training at Max new york life .
M3- what is ur age?
M1- tell me something about ur native land
M1- Do u have any interest in history? (No)
M1- toh or kya kya cheez main interest rakhte ho ??
M1- as ur home is at purnia and then why u have applied frm here? ( Muzaffarpur)
M1- what is a role lic ado?
M1- how do u feel that ur fit to this job?
M2- so amit tell me what r the things required to be a successful man? (finally he spoke after going with my all doc   )
M2- suppose amit ur agent is not well educated and not performing well then what u will do?
M2- what is the difference between theory and practice?
M1- do u take interest in politics ? (yes)
M1- whose govt is running at center at present? ( dont know hw he asked this ques )
M1- who is the finance minister at present ?
M2-amit what are things that u hv done wrong today? ( told them that i didn't came to the given time which was very impt fr me.. then they again asked me another thing is what.. " ab toh dar gya ki kya galat kar diya hun" said sorry dont know ..then they take out my degree certificate frm the doc which they had got after the verification of my original marksheet ..shitt i forgot to take my degree certificate at the time of doc verification..  ...any way they laugh told ho jata hai aisa so aggae se aisa mat karna ... said sorry sir with smiling face  ( gya main toh :P)
M2- so amit thanks and best of luck...
me- Thanks a lot sir and thank u all..
only 2 ques were not answered by me which was weight of cricket ball?? and weight of bat??  as i have told my interest in cricket. more how it was nice fingers are crossed ..

Suggestion to Aspirants - Just stick to basic ques that why u have chosen insurance industry ? why LIC only? what are the roles of ADO? how u will motivate agents who are not performing well? Knowledge about your native land.. and if you are management graduates then study some points on marketing and others fr relevant subjects in graduation... others just go with your Graduation subjects. Thats enough... Go with lic and sebi difference....just be calm and good listener during interview. they're looking for whether you are fit to job or not.. so all the best.

We are very thankful to Mr Amit Sharma on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution and detailed analysis. We wish him great success in his interview. 


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