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April 25, 2013

Important Topics for SBI PO Descriptive Paper - Set 1


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Role of Youth in Nation Building

If the youth of the nation decide to take up the task to nation building for three years. Give three possible consequences if such a thing happens

Youth is the future builder of the nation. They should be well equipped morally to discharge their duty to their motherland. If the youth of India decide to take up the nation building for three years, the following consequences will be there.

  1. Youth can undergo any type of sacrifice. They have the vigor vitality and stamina to face the greatest hardship. They can fight for national integration. They can improve the hygienic
    conditions in villages by adult education.
  2. Youth are generally idealistic in nature. They would fight against the false politicians. They expose the problems of youth and they demand the constitutional right to work, and try to eradicate poverty and unemployment in the country.
  3. When youth want to decide to take part three years in the main stream of the people. They know the hard ships of the villagers. They would undertake vocational and technical education to the villagers. They provocateur the people to take part in modern agriculture.
There are the main points friends. You can add some more stuff to make it more readable. You can use those standard facebook quotes like "Youth are not useless, they are used less" etc to bring more weight to your essay. But the point you should keep in mind is, Quality is important than quantity. So don't try to fill the paper with useless stuff. All the best. 

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    1. It depends on your Essay Diviya.. .If you have to write anything about pros and cons, steps, types etc you should put sub headings. For normal essay there is no need to put sub headings. But better divide the essay into blocks (paragraphs) so that it look more appealing and easy to read...

      All the best :)

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