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March 15, 2013

Current Affairs 2013 - 14th March 2013


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Friends, here are the Important Events occurred on 14th March 2013. Happy Reading :)

National Events

  • In the context of not fulfilling the commitment made by the Italian government to send back marines, its ambassador, Daniele Mancini was restrained by the Supreme Court from leaving the country. Two Indian fishermen were killed off Kerala coast by the Italian forces.
  • Union cabinet gave nod for anti-rape bill which impose stringent action for the crimes against women. This law imposes a jail term of upto20 years in case of rape and stringent punishment for acid attacks etc.
  • In the Human Development Report (HDR) of UNDP, India has been ranked 136 among 187 countries. With 0.554,its placed among medium human development countries sharing its place with Equatorial Guinea.
In Gender Inequality Index (GII), India is placed at 132 among 148 countries, which symbolises higher inequality among men and women.
Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), which identifies deprivation in education, health and living standards, India’s average is 0.283, which is little above Pakistan and Bangladesh.

International Events

  • Xi Jingping, new leader of Communist Party of China was formally appointed as Chinese president. He was elected as leader in November.
  • Nepal Chief Justice, Khil Raj Regmi sworn in as interim Prime Minister after step down of Baburam Battharai. Elections will be held in the country by June 21 to elect new constituent assembly.
  • Co-founder of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge movement (name given to followers of communist party of Kampuchea), LengSary died on Thursday at the age of 87. Formed in 1968, this party is responsible for the genocide of 1.7 million.
  • Pakistan parliament passed resolution condemning death sentence toAfzalGuru.


  • HPCL signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Rajasthan government to open new refinery and petro chemical complex in Barmer region of the state. Valued at Rs.37230 Crore,its considered as single largest investment in the state.
  • Sting operation by an independent journalist accused private sector banks ICICI, Axis Bank and HDFC for supporting money laundering operations at their branches.


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