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February 24, 2013

State Bank of Patiala (SBP) Interview Experience Shared by Mayank Sharma


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Friends, here is the interview experience of State Bank of Patiala Assistants shared by our friend Mr Mayank Sharma. We are thankful to him on behalf of our readers and team members for his great contribution. We wish him great success in his Interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words.

Name : Mayank Sharma (from Jammu)

Qualification : BE Computers and MBA Finance/Marketing

Status : Working in Pvt Company at Ludhiana

Interview Panel : 1

Venue : Jalandhar

Time : 9 AM
Friends I would like to share my interview experience of SBP which was held on 5th Feb. 2013.

*Panel includes 4 members (3M and 1F)

I reached at 8.50 AM and documents verification started at 9.15 AM and completed by 10 AM.
My turn came at 10.50 AM and I entered and wished them a Good Morning. They asked me to sit.

Then my Interview began:

M2: When you arrived at Jalandhar?
M2: So you have done MBA…. What do you mean by Organization Structure?
Me: Answered with some discussion.
M2: What is line and matrix structure?
Me: Answered again with discussion.
M3: where you are working right now?
M3: You have worked in Mahendra Institute of Banking?
Me: I worked there as Faculty of Math’s for six months.
M3: what is NPA?
Me: Answered again with some discussion.
M3: What is Basel Committee?
Me: Answered
F1: First she told me that Mayank you have very good academic record, throughout First Division.
Me: Thanks Mam.
F1: About my colleges of Engg and MBA.
F1: Who are CM and Governor of J&K, Punjab, Haryana and HP.
Me: Answered all.
F1: we required only 12thclass, don’t you feel you are overqualified?
F1: Names of Associate banks of SBI.
M1: I have some questions for you and asked me to answer in one line only.
M1: J&K known for?
M1: Main Income of J&K?
M1: Special Status for J&K?
M1: Ranbir penal code?
M1: Do you know Punjabi?
Me: Answered all questions except RPC.
M2: Mayank you have performed very well and we wish you best of luck.
Me: Thanks you sirs and Thank you Mam.

Note : Actually, to help the fellow aspirants Mr Mayank has shared this interview experience on the very next day of his interview. But due to some technical problems it took us 20 days for us to update this interview experience. We regret for the delay and once again wishing Mr Mayank a great success in his interview.


  1. Thanks for the useful update bro..

    all the best for your interveiw

  2. why they were asking only abt j&k?


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